British Council Scholarships without IELTS 2023-2024 – Fully Funded

British Council Scholarships without IELTS 2023-2024 are open now for international students you can apply now for fully funded Scholarships without IELTS 2023. There are many foreign endowments that accept overseas students with IELTS dispensation or with IELTS substitute documentation which are less costly and affordable.

Study For Free In The UK:

The British regime has offered all the intense and capable students to continue their higher studies in the United Kingdom under the different munificent endowment programs By the British Council. All these endowments get paid by the United Kingdom government and are for Bachelor’s, MA, and Ph.D. programs. This British council plays a major part in enhancing educational activities and foreign culture in the United Kingdom.

If you are eager to study in one of the reputable institutes of the United Kingdom under an endowment program without IELTS in the year 2023, there is a superb chance for you, then.  Lots of well-known UK institutes, give endowments to foreign applicants without obligatory IELTS test scores.

In another view, these institutes also provide round about 50,000 courses in various disciplines. Students can also choose online courses and experience up to 2 years in the United Kingdom after the completion of their degree.

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How I Can Study Free In The UK Without IELTS 2023?

It’s a common question that comes to mind when someone is about to achieve higher studies from renowned institutes in the United Kingdom. The simple reply to all such confusion is here. The applicants must be eloquent in English and have a language competency certificate from their past institutes.

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Here Are Some Alternatives To IELTS:

  • CAE/CPE (Cambridge English Proficiency Tests)
  • PTE
  • DET
  • CanTEST
  • IELTS Indicator

For the time being, these documents should mention that the desiring applicant has achieved all the degree courses in English. This is the way, applicants can use their documentation in place of IELTS.

If you want to get an idea about the British Council Endowments without IELTS, adhere to this artifact till last.

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List of UK Universities Offering Admissions without IELTS:

Before deeply understanding the idea of the British Council endowment programs Without IELTS, we need to check the details of all the UK institutes that have dominated the IELTS test marks requirement necessary for endowments and admission.

Here are the details of British Institutes without IELTS requirements for admissions:

  1. The University of Basel Scholarships 2023.
  2. North Umbria University Scholarships 2023.
  3. The University of Bolton Scholarships 2023.
  4. The University of Northampton Scholarships 2023.
  5. The University of Plymouth Scholarships 2023.
  6. Audience Nantes School of Management Scholarships 2023.
  7. Riga Technical University Scholarships 2023.
  8. London Southbank University Scholarships 2023.
  9. Portsmouth University Scholarships 2023.
  10. Birmingham City University Scholarships 2023.
  11. Robert Gordon University Scholarships 2023.
  12. Aston University, Birmingham Scholarships 2023.
  13. Swansea University Scholarships 2023.
  14. The University of Geneva Scholarships 2023.
  15. Sheffield Hallam University Scholarships 2023.

Remember, this information does not end here. Many institutes in the United Kingdom are also doing a marvelous job by enhancing studies among foreign students and giving endowments without IELTS.

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List of British Council Scholarships Without IELTS:

Many British Council Endowments are there for foreign applicants to finish their UG, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

The details of all British Council Endowments without IELTS in 2023:                                           

1#Bristol University Think Big Scholarships:

Bristol University is ready to offer foreign students from the entire world the Bristol University Think Big scholarship program. It has paid about 50000 dollars to welcome the applicants to have Bristol Think Big Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Scholarships 2023.

We added Bristol University Scholarships in our details of British Council Scholarships without IELTS, because candidates can send substitute IELTS documentation during applying.

All foreign applicants are capable of this endowment and will enjoy a scholarship of up to 5000/ 10,000 dollars. The last date to apply is 28th March 2023 for the UG, program.

For the Postgraduate, there are two stages to apply:

  • The last date for submission of the first round is 28th June 2023.
  • The last date of the second round is 13th November 2022.

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2# Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships:

The Scottish regime and Scottish institutes are both offering this Saltire endowment to the natives of

  • China
  • Japan
  • Pakistan
  • Canada
  • USA

About 50 such Scotland scholarships are available with a bonus of 8000 dollars. The applicants will dominate the Scotland and Saltire endowments program.

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3# British Chevening Scholarships:

These British endowments get paid by remote and Commonwealth Office and other joined organizations. The students of MA can apply for this endowment.

To meet the Eligibility Requirement:

  • The applicant must belong to the mentioned country.
  • After their endowment is ended the applicants will return to their homeland.
  • 2 years of work experience is needed.
  • Bachelor’s degree is necessary before for applying this endowment.

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4# University of Sussex Scholarships:

The University of Sussex is the most renowned research institute in the UK, presenting 500+ Undergraduates and Postgraduate degree programs Scholarships. 56000 foreign students are enrolled and can apply for 25+ endowments. The endowments will be given to the students on their educational performance and financial necessities. It will result to lessen the extra coaching fees by up to 50% for UG students and 3000 GBP for MA applicants.

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5# Rhodes scholarship Britain:

The desiring and capable applicants can study at Oxford University under this scholarship. It is the esteemed but oldest program. 100 plus scholarships are given to finish their MA and Ph.D. degree programs.

This scholarship is simple to enjoy if you have excellent grades and IELTS is not needed for it, or a Proficiency certificate in the English language. This scholarship is for two years covering the tuition and yearly allowance of 17,310 dollars.

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6# British Scholarships for Women in STEM:

The British Council collaborates with the 19 British Universities and presented an endowment for which IELTS is not necessary for females from America, Egypt, South Asia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Southeast Asia.  The target of this endowment is to help females continue their MA in science, technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  They will enjoy monetary support according to:

  • Tuition fees
  • Heath allowances
  • Travel cost
  • Visa fees

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7# Great UK Scholarships:

It’s a Fully Funded program by British Council for MA degrees. It includes the coaching amount of up to 10,000 dollars for a post-graduate program of 1 year. English is necessary for the applicant and there is also a need for a conformity letter within the due date. Almost 310 UK endowments a year are presented to overseas applicants.

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8# British Commonwealth Scholarships:

This endowment is offered to MA students, to increase their mastery and skills in relevant disciplines. The victors of this endowment will enjoy:

  • Free return air tickets
  • A full coaching fee
  • A monthly allowance
  • Thesis amount
  • Traveling allowance

Applicants must be a perpetual native of any commonwealth country and the commencement of the degree is by December 2022. Documents must be submitted before the last date.

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9# Charles Wallace Trust Scholarships:

Doctoral and fellowship classes can enjoy this scholarship. It’s a collaborative work of the Charles Wallace Trust and the British Council.


The time period changes according to the selected field.

  • Doctoral-1 year
  • Reserved fellowship and visiting artists- 3 weeks in 3 months.

Scholarship coverages:

  • Monthly allowance
  • Endowments
  • UK visa amount]
  • Return Air amount

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10# Scotland Scholarships:

Women and girls from HEC-recognized universities now can choose their graduate programs.  The British Council and Scottish institutes are doing this brilliant work for capable females to pursue education.

Scholarship Benefits:

The prize holder applicants will enjoy the advantage of:

  • Coaching amount
  • Boarding school costs
  • Traveling amount

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate must be a native of the same country.
  • The candidate must be having bachelor’s degree in the listed disciplines.
  • The candidates’ admission must be HEC-recognized.

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11# Marshal Scholarships Without IELTS:

The fully funded Marshal scholarships without IELTS needed for US people are now offered for postgraduate degree programs. It is the most esteemed British Council endowments that are the fruit of the US and UK best connections.

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12# EURAXESS Scholarships:

The mentioned endowments are UK’s research-dependent monetary help field for postgraduate candidates. This endowment is for workers or research scholars to promote their research area.

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13# Royal Society Grants:

The applicants of post-doctorate students can now enjoy this British Royal Society Fellowships for post-doctoral fields. The sponsor covers salary packages, living settlements, and research-related expenditures for all prized scholars.

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14# Commonwealth Scholarships:

The commonwealth Master’s endowments are 800 British Council Master’s degree endowments offered all across the world. These. endowments are presented to all overseas applicants with an interest to get an education in Britain without any fee.



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