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Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship: Investing in future leaders and philanthropists


  • The Rotary Foundation and clubs play an important role in developing future leaders and philanthropists through scholarship programs.
  • Scholarships are available for high school, college and graduate studies, education and promoting peace.
  • This article explores the types of Rotary scholarships, their eligibility, their funding sources, and their impact.

Types of rotary foundation global grant scholarship

Rotary offers several scholarships to support students at various academic levels:

  • Scholarships for clubs and districts
  • Local clubs and districts offer scholarships for high school, college, or graduate school.
  • These scholarships may be provided through local fundraising efforts or through grants from the Rotary Foundation.
  • Application details and eligibility requirements can be obtained from local Rotary clubs.
Rotary Foundation for Peace and Conflict Resolution Scholarships
  • The rotary foundation global grant scholarship offers scholarships for college graduates and professionals interested in peace and conflict resolution.
  • Rotary Peace Scholarships support candidates pursuing master’s degree or certificate programs at partner universities.
  • Eligibility requirements and restrictions apply for Rotary Peace Scholarships.
rotary foundation global grant scholarship Impact of Rotary Scholarships

Rotary Scholarships have a significant impact on people and communities around the world:

  • Over the years, Rotary has awarded nearly 350,000 scholarships, changing the lives of countless students.
  • These scholarships allow students to pursue higher education, gain valuable skills and contribute to their communities.
  • Rotary’s commitment to peace is demonstrated through the Rotary Peace Fellowships, which promote conflict resolution and global stability.
  • Financial aid provided by Rotary Scholarships, which averages $7.5 million annually, enables deserving students to pursue their academic aspirations.
Block Grant Scholarships

Global Grant Scholarships are an important part of rotary foundation global grant scholarship initiatives:

  • These scholarships are designed for graduate students studying abroad and align with Rotary’s key focus areas such as peace, disease prevention, education, and more.
  • They can cover a wide variety of educational programs, from short-term language training to full degree programs.
  • Funding for Global Grant Scholarships comes from District Designated Funds (DDF), cash contributions, directed gifts, and endowment income.
  • The Rotary Foundation matches 80% of DDF’s contribution to the World Fund, increasing the impact of these scholarships.
rotary foundation global grant scholarship District Grants 

District grants are a versatile scholarship option:

  • They can be used to sponsor students at various educational levels, from high school to graduate school.
  • These grants are not limited to specific fields of study, allowing students flexibility in their academic endeavors.
  • Scholarships funded by district grants can vary in duration and range from short language training programs to extended university education.
Rotary Peace Scholarships

Rotary Peace Fellowships support global peace efforts by:

Rotary members play an important role in identifying and recommending qualified candidates for these scholarships.
By supporting peace-loving candidates through the application process, Rotarian actively contribute to peace-building in conflict-affected areas.
The scholarships provide a unique opportunity to receive specialized education and training for those engaged in conflict resolution and peace promotion.

Promoting Peace Through Scholarships
  • rotary peace fellows are a unique opportunity for clubs to promote peace and conflict resolution.
  • Clubs can actively identify and recommend candidates who are passionate about peace building and resolving conflicts.
  • Supporting peace fellow candidates through the application process demonstrates a commitment to global peace efforts.
Impact and Community Engagement
  • Offering rotary peace fellows scholarships through Rotary not only supports individual students but also strengthens communities.
  • Rotary clubs can actively engage with scholarship recipients, fostering mentorship and community involvement.
  • These scholarships contribute to the development of future leaders and philanthropists who can give back to society.

Rotary scholarships are critical to shaping the future by investing in education and peace building. Whether through club and district scholarships, global grants, or peace fellowships, Rotary empowers people to become future leaders and philanthropists, making a lasting impact on our global society.


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