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IU International University of Applied Sciences – Your Gateway to Affordable Excellence in Germany


2024 is your year to embark on an exciting educational journey and IU international university of applied science is ready to be your guide. Known for its excellence and precision, Germany offers excellent yet affordable education, and IU is here to help you turn your dream into a reality. With more than two decades of experience, a wide range of international bachelor’s and master’s programs, and a diverse student community from more than 153 countries, IU welcomes students from all walks of life.

More than just providing subject-specific knowledge, IU takes a forward-thinking approach by incorporating digital tools to prepare you for the global business environment.

IU University Germany Admissions 2023

Their ambitions align perfectly with IU’s commitment to adapt and innovate. IU offers specialized knowledge, innovative teaching methods, seamless student services and career guidance. Additionally, IU international university of applied science places great value on social and intercultural competence, and all instructors are industry experts. What’s more impressive than that? An astounding 94% of IU graduates find a job just three months after graduation!

Academic excellence and reputation

IU ranks prominently among the world’s top universities. It holds the distinction of being the largest university in Germany and is recognized by the German Council for Sciences and Humanities. IU’s recognition by prestigious organizations such as FIBAA, Cambridge University, WES and AIU further strengthens its reputation. Higher rankings from CHE and QS are additional feathers in IU’s cap.

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For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, IU’s business programs are a great starting point. Whether your interests lie in marketing, finance, or international business, IU international university of applied science offers a wide range of programs to help you turn your goals into practical skills. What sets IU apart is its unwavering commitment to flexibility. Recognizing that today’s students have different needs, IU offers a variety of study formats, including online and blended learning, allowing you to tailor your educational path to your unique needs, without the limitations of time or location. allows to.

Scholarships: Your Path to Affordable Education

Now let’s talk about the exciting part: the scholarship! IU is dedicated to helping motivated international students like you earn a globally recognized degree. Depending on your circumstances, IU offers substantial scholarships of up to 67%, making a quality education affordable and helping you achieve your educational goals without breaking the bank.

IU: Your model and global perspective for quality education

As you seek a world-class education and global perspective, IU shines as your ideal educational partner. Its wealth of knowledge, diverse community, and commitment to flexibility make IU an opportunity not to be missed. With the potential to receive up to 67% in scholarships, IU is your guide.


do not be late; Apply now and start your path to success at IU international university of applied science, Germany’s leading university. Your future starts here, where excellence meets affordability. IU international university of applied science is not just an academic institution. Academia and beyond is your ticket to a better tomorrow. IU serves as your guiding beacon as you embark on a journey to attain a top-notch education and a global perspective. It’s more than just an educational institution; it’s your ideal academic partner. IU’s strength lies in its wealth of knowledge, its diverse and vibrant community of students from around the world, and its unwavering commitment to flexibility.

This opportunity is simply too valuable to pass up, especially considering the potential to receive scholarships of up to 67%. IU International University of Applied Sciences is your gateway to a brighter and more promising academic future. Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock your full potential and set sail toward a world of educational excellence with IU by your side.


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