Canada Scholarships for International Students 2024 | Study In Canada For Free 2024

Canada Scholarships for International Students 2024 is now open in universities in Canada. Degree, non-degree, and exchange fields are also open in these universities in Canada.

If you want to get a Canadian education scholarship but do not get money to deal with higher education in ranked institutes in Canada.

University scholarships in Canada, Almost 30 universities are ranked in QS World. These universities have low prices to help students to get an education.

Canada has a bulk of research-based universities that are wholeheartedly international aspirants We have discussed some of the great scholarships in Canada with some necessary information, part-time work, and living in Canada.

Top 10 reasons to study in Canada 2024

  • Canada wholeheartedly welcomes people and has many cultural experiences.
  • Many great local and private institutes are in Canada providing quality education.
  • The academic fee in Canada is less than in other institutes like the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries.
  • Canada is home to great research institutes like McMaster University and Toronto University that captivate top aspirants from all over the world.
  • The chances for foreign students to get job experience while getting Study opportunities in Canada in 2024 are great, with internships and other programs at many institutes.
  • Many scholarships are there for International students in Canada in 2024, to make it easy for foreign students to continue their education.
  • The government of Canada offers Canadian government scholarships and different visa options for foreign aspirants to get a simple and easy education.
  • Some Canadian landmarks and popular Canadian tourist attractions are also in Canada which include Niagara Falls, and Banff National Park, making it all a great experience for the students.
  • Canadians have a great patience level as compared to other countries, and backgrounds, so you’ll be welcome here. Don’t worry about any business in doing experience. Almost 10 Canadian cities are totally modern and offer students with advanced education to get in touch with the new advancements in their field.

Student Life in Canada – Cost, Culture, Work & More

If you desire to live in Toronto, Vancouver your living costs a lot of expenses as compared to other places. You can also live in big city hubs to save your budget. But 1000-2700 CAD monthly is needed. This is an appropriate amount which can increase and decrease depending on your choice to live in big or small areas.

Off-campus work permit Canada
Aspirants in Canada are permitted to do jobs 20 hours every 7 days in the semester and on the limit of hours during vacations. It requires on-campus employment. Students who don’t stick to this will lose their visas and will be sent out from Canada.


IELTS Requirements for Canadian Universities

The medium of teaching in Canada is English and French. Some institutes have the capability to teach two languages that want to study in English and not have English as the first language they have to give English proficiency tests for Canadian universities via IELTS which is accepted all over the world.

Due to the variety of situations by global health concerns, many Canadian institutes are taking proficiency tests like Duo lingo, still via the entrance tests of their choice.

Higher Education in Canada: Types of Degrees, Colleges/Degrees, Admissions, Fees

Canada has a great number of institutes. The top-ranked universities are Toronto University, British Columbia University, McGill University, Montreal University, and McMaster University. It is basically depending on the research by such institutions.

Scholarships in Canada without IELTS 2024

There are many differences in the academic fees for foreign and public aspirants in Canada. Foreign aspirants can apply for such scholarships in Canada depending on merit.

Canadian institutes also take IELTS substitution tests if the aspirant has Language proficiency. The exams that are acceptable are PTE, DET, TOEFL, and IELTS. Many scholarships are booked for aspirants with limited expenses.

#1 Scholarships for University of Manitoba students 2024

The University of Manitoba spends almost 2 million yearly on Financial aid at the University of Manitoba. The scholarships are for MA and doctoral aspirants. Students having medical and MBA degrees are not able to apply for it.

MA aspirants can receive CAD 14000 yearly and can apply the next year. The total amount is 28000 CAD if the students try to achieve a scholarship for 2 years consecutively. The doctoral aspirants can apply for 18000 CAD yearly. These are for 4 years.

#2 Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral scholarships 2024

The scholarships are for arts and humanities and social sciences, the scholarship is for native and foreign aspirants. These are for students continuing a Ph.D. degree and it costs 20000 CAD yearly. 25% is booked for foreign students. The receivers of the scholarship will also get an opportunity to become a part of the Scholar’s community which offers many great thoughts.

#3 Financial aid at the University of Waterloo 2024

This university through its Excellence scholarship scheme is giving scholarships to MA students who have done their research-based MA degree.  Aspirants from all degrees can apply for it. The students will be evaluated on their detailed profiles.

The amount of the award is CAD 2500 every 6 semesters. It is for 5 years. Everyone can apply so no separate application is needed.

#3 University of Calgary Student Awards 2024

The entrance scholarships at Calgary University at the UG level are open for foreign students. Aspirants will be evaluated on their previous academic and non-academic knowledge. In their 1st year, the receiver will be given a scholarship of CAD 15000 as a reduction in the academic fee.

The scholarship is for 4 years and at least a 2.6 GPA is needed. The total amount of the scholarship is 60,000 CAD for every recipient.

#4 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship award 2024

The scholarship is for doctoral or students having a combined MA. The subject fields are arts and humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and health sciences. This is a munificent and highly competitive scholarship that gives 50,000 yearly for almost 3 years.

166 Canadian scholarships are now here. Students will be given the references of the institutes.

How to apply for the Vanier Scholarship in Canada?

if they want to apply. Direct applications are not taken.

#5 Scholarships for York University international students 2024

The global leader of tomorrow scholarship at the York University student awards almost 20,000 CAD yearly. The scholarship is available for the study years. Entrance rewards are also there with about 35000 for 4 years of the BS program.

The scholarship receivers must get a required level of CGPA to receive the scholarship. Every student is eligible.

#6 Lester B. Pearson Scholarships at the University of Toronto 2024

The scholarship program is now available for foreign aspirants. The students must have a sense of social environment, leading others, and excellence. 37 aspirants will receive this scholarship at the UG level. The scholarship covers full academic fee deer, free living, and textbook costs for 4 study years.

#7 Ontario Tech University Financial Assistance 2024

 Ontario Tech University is giving fully funded scholarships without IELTS exams which are available for Canadian and foreign students in many degrees and disciplines.


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