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KAU Undergraduate Programs and Scholarship Criteria for 2024


King Abdulaziz University (KAU) offers a variety of undergraduate programs with scholarships for deserving students in various fields. In order to apply for these scholarships, candidates must meet certain criteria defined by the university. In this article, we will review the university’s available programs and key eligibility requirements for prospective students.

1. Undergraduate programs available:

Arts and Humanities:

1.1 Arabic Language and Literature: Students interested in Arabic language and literature can explore various aspects of the Arabic language, its literature and its cultural significance.

1.2 English Language: This program focuses on the English language, its structure and usage, giving students a solid foundation in English linguistics.

1.3 French Language: Students can immerse themselves in the French language and culture, acquire skills in speaking, writing and understanding French.

1.4 Geography: This program covers topics related to geography, urban planning, resources, regional development and geographic information systems.

1.5 History: Students can pursue a bachelor’s degree in history, specializing in areas such as tourism guiding and historical research.

1.6 Information Sciences: This program provides students with knowledge and skills related to information sciences, data management and information technology.

1.7 Islamic Studies and Law: Study Islamic Law and Religious Studies to gain a deeper understanding of Islamic culture and jurisprudence.

1.8 Psychology: This program focuses on the study of human behavior and mental processes, providing a foundation in psychology.

1.9 Sociology and Social Work: Students can choose to specialize in Sociology or Social Work, gaining knowledge about social dynamics and community development.

Faculty of Economics and Administration:

2.1 Accounting: Learn the principles and practices of accounting, preparing students for careers in financial management and auditing.

2.2 Business Administration: This program covers various aspects of business management, including marketing, finance, and human resource management.

2.3 Economics: Students can specialize in areas such as business economics, money and financial institutions and insurance.

2.4 Finance: Focus on financial management and investment strategies to prepare for a career in finance and banking.

2.5 Human Resources Management: Explore human resources and personnel management, specializing in employee recruitment and development.

2.6 Health and Hospital Management: Expertise in the management of health institutions and medical services.

2.7 Marketing: Develop skills in marketing strategy, consumer behavior and market research.

2.8 Management Information Systems: This program combines business management and information technology to prepare students for careers in IT management.

2.9 Public Administration: Explore general public administration or administrative management and development.

2.10 Political Science: Offered to male students only, this program focuses on global political economy.

Law School:

3.1 Systems: Study law and its various aspects to form the basis of legal studies.

Faculty of Science:

4.1 Biochemistry: Master the study of chemical processes within living organisms.

4.2 Biology: Explore areas such as animal biology, microbiology, botany, genomics and biotechnology.

4.3 Chemistry: Study the properties and reactions of chemical elements and compounds.

4.4 Mathematics/Astronomy: Master mathematics and astronomy to understand celestial phenomena and mathematical concepts.

4.5 Physics/Astronomy: Explore the principles of physics, focusing on astronomical applications.

4.6 Statistics: Learn statistical methods and data analysis techniques.

4.7 Medical Physics: Study the application of physics in medical diagnosis and treatment.

2. Eligibility Requirements for KAU Scholarship:

2.1 Good Conduct: Prospective students must maintain good conduct academically and personally.

2.2 Commitment to University Regulations: Students must comply with KAU regulations and rules during their academic journey.

2.3 Medical Fitness: Candidates should be in good physical health as per university health standards.

2.4 High School Graduation Certificate: Applicants must have a high school graduation certificate from Saudi Arabia or abroad.

2.5 Full-time commitment: Regular students who attend morning classes are expected to commit to full-time study.

2.6 Validity of Certificate: High School Graduation Certificate should not be more than three years old at the time of application.

2.7 Age Restrictions: Applicants for undergraduate programs should be between 17 to 25 years of age.

2.8 History of Non-Dismissal: Students with a history of dismissal from any University are not eligible for scholarships.

2.9 No previous scholarship: Candidates who have previously received a scholarship from a Saudi university are not eligible for the KAU Scholarship

2.10 Accompanying Females: Female students must be accompanied by a family member within the restricted ranks who is a permanent resident of Saudi Arabia.

2.11 Admission Requirements: Applicants must meet all admission requirements for the selected program.


King Abdulaziz University offers a wide range of undergraduate programs, each designed for specific areas of study. Prospective students can apply for scholarships to pursue their academic and professional goals, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria specified by the university. By understanding the available programs and scholarship requirements, students can make informed decisions about their academic paths at KAU.


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