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Swansea University Elite International Sports Scholarship (EISS) 2024-25


Swansea University is recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and research innovation. It offers a diverse and inclusive community, located in the beautiful coastal region of Wales. The university’s focus on employment, research and professional development makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a world-class education. In this article we will review the Elite International Sports Scholarship (EISS) offered by Swansea University, which is aimed at high performance athletes from around the world.

Scholarship Review

The Elite International Sports Scholarship (EISS) is a funding opportunity designed to support high-performing national and international athletes in pursuing their university studies at Swansea University. This scholarship demonstrates the university’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment where academic excellence and athletic success go hand in hand.

Scholarship Details
2.1 Prize Amount

The EISS award varies but includes a tuition scholarship of £5,000 per year for three years of university study.

2.2 Eligible Applicants

The scholarship is open to students of all nationalities who intend to enroll as full-time, tuition-paying international university students. Applicants must self-finance their studies and be classified as foreign students for payment purposes. It is important to note that scholarship recipients must remain classified as foreign students throughout their studies in order to retain the scholarship.

Eligible sports

EISS is available to students participating in specific high performance sports including men’s rugby, swimming (men and women), men’s football, women’s hockey and table tennis (men and women). The Games represent Swansea University’s commitment to promoting excellence across a range of athletic disciplines.

Application process

4.1 How to Apply

Applicants interested in the Elite International Sports Scholarship should submit an application for admission through the Swansea University application portal. Additionally, they must email their expression of interest to the university, including their name, age, sport, academic program of interest, nationality and relevant supporting documents.

4.2 Supporting Documents

Applicants must provide transcripts from their previous studies and a copy of their passport as part of the application process.

4.3 Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the specific program requirements for their chosen course of study at Swansea University. This ensures that students have the academic foundation necessary to excel in both their studies and sports.

4.4 Language Requirement

Although not expressly stated, applicants must normally meet Swansea University’s English proficiency requirements for admission. The ability to communicate effectively in English is critical to academic success.

Scholarship Benefits

Elite International Sports Scholarship (EISS) offers a comprehensive package of support to help talented athletes effectively balance their sporting and academic commitments:

5.1 Tuition Scholarship

Recipients will receive a tuition scholarship of £5,000 per year for three years, significantly reducing the financial burden of their university education.

5.2 Talented Athlete Scholarship Program (TASS)

Selected students will have the opportunity to join TASS, a dual career programme, offering academic flexibility and support to fit their sporting commitments.

5.3 Performance Lifestyle Practitioner

A dedicated Performance Lifestyle Professional will provide personalized support, ensuring athletes can reach their full potential in both their sport and their studies.

5.4 Strength and Conditioning Support

Athletes will have access to individualized strength and conditioning plans, customized to meet their specific needs and improve their physical performance.

5.5 Support for sports psychology

Sports psychology support will be available to help athletes develop a winning mindset and cope with the psychological demands of high-level competition.

5.6 Nutritional Assistance

Adequate nutrition is critical to optimal athletic performance. Fellows will receive nutritional guidance to improve their diet.

5.7 Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Support

Access to physiotherapy and osteopathy services ensures that athletes can manage and recover from injuries.

Last date of application

Applications for the Elite International Sports Scholarship at Swansea University close on 31 March 2024. Interested players must submit their applications in time to be considered for this prestigious scholarship.


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