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Italian Scholarships For International Students: A hub for international students with a plethora of scholarships


Italy has become a coveted destination for international students seeking higher education, mainly because of its wide range of scholarships. With over 800 scholarships available, Italy offers students plenty of opportunities to get financial support for their educational pursuits. These scholarships cover various expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, and monthly stipends, making Italy an attractive choice for those seeking higher education. This article provides an overview of some of the notable scholarships available for international students in Italy.

Italy Scholarships: A Gateway to Quality Education

Italy’s commitment to providing scholarships to international students underscores its reputation as a global education hub. The country’s top universities offer a wide range of scholarships, creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that welcomes students from around the world.

Italian Government Scholarships

One of the most prominent scholarship programs in Italy is the Italian Government Scholarship. This initiative is dedicated to international students pursuing Masters or PhD programs in leading universities in the country. Key features of this scholarship include:

  • Monthly payment: Recipients receive a monthly payment of 900 euros, making higher education in Italy financially accessible.
  • Tuition Fee Coverage: The scholarship covers tuition fees, which can be quite a burden for international students.
  • Medical Insurance: Italian government scholarships also provide students with compulsory medical insurance, which ensures their health while studying in Italy.
Scuola Normal Superior PhD Scholarships

The Scuola Normale Superiore offers a wonderful opportunity for both Italian and foreign students through its PhD scholarships. These scholarships are available for a period of four years and offer the following benefits:

  • Tuition Fee Coverage: Scholarships cover tuition fees, reducing the financial burden on students.
  • Board and Accommodation Grant: In addition to tuition, students also receive a board and accommodation grant, making their stay in Italy more comfortable.
  • Research Funding: Students have the ability to receive additional funding for their research, even if it takes them outside the borders of Italy.
Arturo Flaschi PhD Fellowships

The Arturo Flaschi PhD Fellowships provide comprehensive funding for international students pursuing an advanced degree. Fellowships last for two years, with the option of one-year extension, and include:

  • Stipend: Recipients receive a competitive stipend, enabling them to cover living expenses and focus on their studies.
  • Health Insurance: Health insurance is provided, which ensures the well-being and peace of mind of the students.
  • Additional benefits: These fellowships may come with additional benefits, enhancing the overall student experience.
Bocconi University Scholarships

Bocconi University is known for its diverse scholarship offerings catering to international students at both undergraduate and masters levels. These scholarships include:

  • Tuition rebates: Undergraduate students can get a tuition rebate of around 12,000 euros per year, while graduate students can benefit from around 13,000 euros per year.
  • Accommodation benefits: In addition to tuition assistance, students can receive accommodation benefits, further reducing the financial burden of studying in Italy.
University of Bologna Scholarship

The University of Bologna offers a fully funded scholarship for international students pursuing undergraduate and master’s degrees. The scholarship package includes:

  • Study Grants: Recipients are awarded study grants totaling €11,000, allowing them to focus on their studies without financial worries.
  • Tuition Fee Waiver: Scholarships also cover tuition fees, making education in Italy accessible and affordable for international students.
Italy appeals to international students

Italy’s wide range of scholarship opportunities underlines its appeal to international students seeking financial support for higher education. These scholarships not only make quality education accessible, but also enhance the overall experience of students studying in Italy.


Italy has positioned itself as a premier destination for international students, offering many scholarship opportunities that cater to diverse academic pursuits. Scholarships available in Italy help ease the financial burden, making quality education accessible to students from all corners of the world. As Italy prioritizes education and fosters a welcoming environment for international students, its status as a global education center continues to thrive, and students benefit from the abundance of scholarship opportunities available. Will continue to happen.

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