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ODEPEC Study Abroad Program and Kerala Government Scholarships 2024-25


The Kerala government is making considerable efforts to facilitate study abroad opportunities for its students. One of the key initiatives is the ODEPEC Study Abroad Program, which includes an international education mini-exhibition. The objective of this event is to provide students with information about the prospects and current trends of higher education in countries like USA, Australia, UK and Canada. This article contains details of the program, including scholarship opportunities, services provided, and expansion plans.

International Educational Mini Exhibition

The International Money Education Expo organized by ODEPEC Study Abroad Program will be held on August 5 at Thrissur Casino Hotel and on August 6 at Rena Event Hub, Ernakulam. The exhibition serves as a window for students to explore various career prospects and educational trends abroad. Importantly, participants will have the opportunity to interact with representatives from more than 10 universities in the US, Australia, UK and Canada.

Services offered

ODEPEC offers a number of services to students interested in the Exposure and Study Abroad Program:

Guidance on Course and University Selection: This program helps students choose appropriate courses and institutions, helping them make informed decisions about their educational path.

Pre-admission training: Preparing for admission can be difficult and ODEPEC provides support to ensure that students are adequately prepared for their chosen programs.

Visa Processing Services: Navigating the visa application process can be difficult and ODEPEC helps make it easier.

Pre-Departure Orientation: Preparation for life abroad is essential and this program provides guidance to ease the transition.

Foreign Language Training: Language can be a barrier and ODEPEC supports students by providing language training for non-English speaking destinations.

Scholarship opportunities

Scholarships are an important component of the ODEPEC Study Abroad Program. These scholarships will be awarded to students who are eligible for admission in foreign universities. This financial aid is a great incentive for Kerala students who want to study abroad.

Registration information

Interested students can register for the exhibition for free. Registration is open from 9 am to 5 pm through the official website: Also, for further information, interested parties may contact the provided contact numbers: 0471-2329440/41/6282631503.

Expansion plans

The ODEPEC Study Abroad Program will expand significantly. In its initial phase, it will provide study opportunities and admission guidelines for 37 universities in eight countries, including the US, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There are plans to expand the program to include 700 universities with a special focus on partnering with the top 500 universities according to the Times Ranking. This expansion will ensure that more students can access high-quality education abroad.

To benefit the students of Kerala

ODEPEC’s study abroad program and the services it offers are a ray of hope for Kerala students. Addresses the problem of private agencies charging exorbitant fees and commissions, which students often suffer. ODEPEC’s participation provides a credible, government-backed alternative for students, promoting transparency and access to international education.

Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

In addition to study abroad opportunities, ODEPEC is also involved in the recruitment of licensed nurses (female) for hospitals under the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. Requirements include Degree in Nursing (B.Sc/Post B.Sc/M.Sc) and at least one year of experience, with an age limit of 35 years. This opportunity comes with a variety of benefits, including accommodation, visas and tickets, making it an attractive prospect for aspiring nurses. Interviews will be held from 7th to 10th August in Kochi.


ODEPEC’s Study Abroad Program and Government of Kerala Scholarships 2024-25 are proof of its commitment to provide quality education and career opportunities. This initiative opens doors for students to explore international education, offering scholarships, guidance, and support throughout the process. As the program continues to expand, it holds the promise of a brighter future for Kerala’s aspiring scholars.


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