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Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Unlocked 2024-25 – A fully funded opportunity

Do you dream of doing a PhD in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong PhD Scholarship Scheme (HKPFS) for 2024-25 is your ticket to achieving this dream. The initiative, generously funded by the Hong Kong government through the Research Grants Council (RGC), aims to attract international talent to complete doctoral studies at Hong Kong universities. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about this amazing opportunity:

1. No application fee.

HKPFS does not require you to pay any application fees. This means that you can explore this fully funded scholarship opportunity without any financial burden.

2. Open to all.

There is no restriction on nationality, education, origin or background. Whether you are from Asia, Europe, Africa or anywhere else, you can apply for this scholarship.

3. 300 scholarships are available annually.

Each year, HKPFS awards 300 scholarships, making this a relatively rare fully funded scholarship opportunity. With fewer applicants than other scholarships, your chances of success are higher.

4. Eligible Universities

Eight prominent universities in Hong Kong are participating in the HKPFS. You can choose from the following institutions:

  • City University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Baptist University
  • University of Langen
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong University of Education
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • The University of Hong Kong

5. Different fields of study

HKPFS covers a wide range of academic fields, including science, medicine, engineering and technology, humanities, social sciences and business studies. You can pursue your passion and research interests in any of these areas.

6. Duration of the programme

The scholarship lasts for three years, giving you plenty of time to delve deeper into your research and complete your PhD.

7. Benefits and Benefits

As a recipient of the Hong Kong PhD Scholarship Program, you will enjoy many benefits:

  • Annual stipend of HK$331,200 (approximately US$42,460)
  • A travel allowance of HK$13,800 (approximately US$1,760) for conferences and research-related travel.
  • No previous labor experience is required.
  • If your PhD program takes more than three years to complete, the university may offer you additional support.

8. Course Commencement Date

Universities in Hong Kong usually start their academic year in September, so you can plan your studies accordingly.

9. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Become a new full-time PhD student.
  • Come from any part of country and the world.
  • If you choose not to submit an IELTS report, you must demonstrate that you have completed your previous education at an English-medium institution.
  • Choose from one of the eight participating universities.

10. Last date of application

Both the Hong Kong PhD Scholarship Program application and the university application have the same deadline: 1 December 2023. Please be sure to submit your applications before this date.

11. Application Process

  • Get started by applying early online through the Ph.D. From Hong Kong. Scholarship Program Electronic System (HKPFSES) to obtain an HKPFS reference number before 1 December 2023.
  • After receiving your HKPFS reference number, you can submit completed applications for your desired Ph.D. programs at selected universities.
  • You can choose up to two programmes/departments in one or two universities for your PhD.

12. Where to Apply

All the necessary links and information about the universities participating in the Hong Kong PhD Scholarship Program for 2024-25 can be found on the official website.


The Hong Kong PhD Scholarship Program 2024-25 is an excellent fully-funded opportunity to pursue your PhD studies in Hong Kong. With no application fees, a wide range of fields to choose from, and generous benefits, this scholarship is a way to fulfill your academic aspirations. Don’t miss the December 1, 2023 deadline; Take this opportunity to embark on an exciting educational journey in Hong Kong!


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