Top 25 International Government Scholarships 2024 – Without IELTS

According to their commitment to foreign growth collaboration and to make the system exceed, the authorities such as the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and many European countries Top 25 International Government Scholarships 2024 from all over the world.

United States Government Scholarships

The scholarships are fully funded for foreign aspirants from 135 countries all over the world who desire to continue an MA or Ph.D. program in the US. Scholarships are also rewarded for students with no degree. The allowance includes academic fees, textbooks, air expenses, a living allowance, and medications. Almost about 1800 scholarships are rewarded yearly.

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program offers an occupational enhancement in the US for trained persons from employment countries from every part of the world. The fellowship offers academic fees, accidents, traveling expenditures, and many more. Almost 200 fellowships are given yearly.

UK and British Commonwealth Government scholarships

Chevening Scholarships the United Kingdom authority’s global scholarship scheme, rewards great scholars from Chevening-capable countries all over the world. Rewards are for 1 year MA degree. Most Chevening scholarships include academic fees, a living scholarship, and some other allowances to include important expenses. Almost 1500 scholarships are provided.

The scholarships are focused on aspirants from developing countries who desire to continue their MA and Ph.D. education in the United Kingdom. The scholarship offers air travel to and from the UK, academic and exam expenses, personal stipends, thesis stipends, and starting allowances, among others. AL most 300 scholarships are given yearly.

European Government scholarships

The Netherlands

This scheme is focused on enhancing the development, knowledge, and quality of students and institutes for higher studies in other areas. The scholarships are on the choice of short courses and MA programs. An OKP scholarship is given to enhance the salary that you should pursue during your education in the Netherlands. The stipend is additional in the Netherlands. The stipend includes academic fees, VISA, travel expenditures, and many more.  The scholarship holder student is hoping to include the difference between actual charges and the OKP scholarship.

The Holland scholarship is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, tradition, and science, it is for foreign students from outside the European economic areas. The students who are desiring to their BS, or MA in research universities and other applied sciences universities in Holland can do so. The worth is € 5000.


The government of Flanders started a new scholarship for MA mind scholarship that is targeted to increase the internalization of Flemish studies. It rewards more than 45 scholarships to great MAs from every country. The students are given scholarships of almost €8000 every year. The Flemish host can question the applicant about the academic fee of €109 yearly.

This award is given to aspirants from developing countries almost 31 like Asia, Africa, and Latin America to continue the English-taught training/MA scheme for development at Belgium universities. The scholarships include academic fees, living expenses, stipends, traveling fares, and other amounts.


The DAAD scholarship is for PG subjects with special relations at German institutes. The scholarships are specially aimed at foreign aspirants from Africa, Pacific Islands, SA, and central and Eastern Europe. This scholarship aids in full/partial allowances.


This scholarship in Sweden is greatly qualified for foreign aspirants from developing countries who desire to continue full-time MA students at Swedish Universities. The scholarship includes academic fees, accommodation expenses, travel expenses, and health care. 335 scholarships are granted.


Many scholarships are provided to the Danish education ministry to invest in highly experienced and qualified inspired foreign aspirants from outside the EU/EEA who desire to continue full degree higher education scheme by taking part in Danish universities. The scholarship is fully/partially fee deferred and gives grants of living.


The government of Italy rewards scholarships for getting an education in Italy for international and Italian natives abroad. The scholarships are for university degrees, vocational courses, music, art MA courses, and Ph.D. degrees. You can apply in 3,6,9 month allowances.


The scholarship was by the foreign affairs ministry as a method to captivate the students for MA and Ph.D. programs. The scholarship holders get a monthly stipend and other expenditures like trips, health care, and traditional activities. It doesn’t include academic fees.

Australian and New Zealand Government scholarships

This scholarship is also an Australia development scholarship for foreign aspirants from chosen countries at the University of Australia. The scholarships are for vocational studies and training degrees, UG, PG, and Ph.D. in taking part in TAFE. The scholarship advantages include the full academic fees, traveling fares, and living expenses. OSHO

This program makes foreign aspirants undertake PG qualification in research and have experience in main research in Australia. The scholarships are for 2 years for an MA or Doctorate degree. The scholarship includes academic fees and health care. Almost 330 scholarships are given yearly.

This scholarship provides the chance for foreign aspirants from chosen countries in Pacific Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean for the Commonwealth to get an education in NZ to get education and subject areas that will help in developing the home country. It covers traveling amounts, accommodation stipends, health care, and academic fees.

Asia Government Scholarships


The Japanese scholarships provide scholarships in Japan to foreign aspirants who want to get an education at a university in Japan as UG and researchers for the Japanese Government scholarship scheme. The scholarship includes stipends, traveling amounts, and school expenses.


This scholarship is targeted to help partner developing countries to get development via studies. The scholarship offers higher studies and has increased UG, graduate, and Ph.D. degrees in collaboration with famous partners in institutes in Taiwan.  The scholarship provides receivers with a full scholarship, which consists of air expenses, academic fees, textbook worth, and a monthly stipend.


This scholarship scheme in Turkey is made for great foreign aspirants from all over the globe who desire to continue their PGs in Turkey. The scholarship consists of a full academic fee, free one-year language training in Turkish, dormitory living, air tickets, and health care.


This award is for foreign aspirants with great academic MA, UG results, and a keen desire to complete their research at the top university of Singapore for a Ph.D. in science and engineering. The award is to aid monetary for more than 4 years of Ph.D. Studies consist of full academic fees, monthly allowances, management stipends, and airfare allowances.

Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship scheme 2023

It was made in 2009 by RGC. This scholarship is focused on captivating great students from all over the globe to continue their Ph.D. courses in Hong Kong institutes. The fellowship offers a monthly allowance and conference along with research-relevant travel stipends every year for 3 years.


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