Fully Funded Japanese Scholarships in 2024 Without IELTS – Apply Now

The Fully Funded Japanese scholarships in 2024 Without IELTS are open now and available via online applications.

Do you have the aim of continuing a degree in Japan but what about the expenditures?  Don’t be stressed about it and don’t kill your desire to study a great quality education, efficient teaching methods, facilities, the Japanese culture and so much more. Many people kill their dreams due to high expenses. The institutes are giving scholarships to overseas aspirants in Japan.

The government of Japan offers many scholarships to candidates from all over the world. The local authorities and foreign associations of Japan also provide scholarships to aspirants in their districts. Many private institutes and companies have this scheme for students’ further goals.

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List of Fully Funded Japanese scholarships in 2024:

Many scholarships are here, but we are giving details of 5 top allowances in Japan for foreign students. These scholarships also offer allowances for an academic fee for specific degrees.

#1 Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship program

It is provided by the education ministry, culture, sports, technology, and science in Japan. These are fully funded scholarships in Japan. These are given to foreign aspirants to aid them to continue BS, MA, and Ph.D. in Japan.

They are offered to enhance foreign competitiveness to increase the mobility of students. The scholarships are awarded to students on the suggestions of the Embassy of Japan or consul general in the home country of the student or the University of Japan that the aspirant is currently enrolled in.

The scholarship consists of a 100% academic fee, monthly allowances, traveling fares, and other costs. Aspirants with numerous nationalities can apply. For more details, visit the Japanese embassy, the website of MEXT, or the institute you want to study in.

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#2 JASSO Scholarships

The JASSO was built with the purpose of helping foreign aspirants in Japan. 2 kinds of scholarships are there.

The first gives details of the Monbukagakusho Honors scholarship which is for privately monetary foreign students. This allowance is given to aspirants who have been selected and are studying in any institute in Japan, maybe a college, or training center. The scholarship is for 1 year and offers aspirants an allowance every month.

The second kind is the exchange support program. This is for aspirants who are selected at any university in Japan for higher education under this agreement for a short span. An allowance is offered to aspirants under this scheme for 8 days to 1 year. More information is given on JASSO’s website. Go and check!

#3 The joint Japan/ World Bank Graduate scholarship program

The scholarship program works with the cooperation of Japanese authorities. Aspirants having relevant occupational experience after getting their BS degree and wanting to produce an impact on their society are eligible to apply.

Occupational employers in the developing sector after their BS degree can apply. The scholarships are mainly funded and given to preferred and partnership programs at Japanese universities, USA, Europe, and Africa. Winners can get an academic fee, monthly allowances, traveling fares, airfares, and medical care.

Many famous Japanese institutes are offering programs for which aspirants can get scholarships. It consists of Tokyo, Keijo, Meiji, and many different universities. If you want to know about this scholarship, visit the official website of the World Bank.

#4 Asian Development Bank- Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP)

Each year, many aspirants are offered scholarships. The scholarship is for PG studies in technology and science, management, economics, and other fields relevant to progress and development.

The scholarship consists of a 1005 academic fee, monthly allowances, books, housing, health insurance, and travel expenses. If you want to be eligible for this scheme, aspirants must have finished their BS and studying for an MA degree at a partner institute. The natives of particular countries are eligible for this scholarship. They have to come back to their home country after their studies are finished and be a part of something that is playing a vital role in the development of the country.

Many well-known Japanese universities are collaborating with partner institutes. It consists of Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyushu University, Kyoto University, and many others.  Higher education universities are partner institutes which are in the USA, India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. More details are on the website of the Asian Development Bank.

#5 Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarships

Each year, Mitsubishi Corporation offers allowances for education purposes in Japan in cooperation with Japanese educational exchange and services. These scholarships are focused on aiding foreign aspirants to continue their studies in Japan.  The scholarships are open for UG studies for the third and fourth years of study, MA and Doctoral degrees. In the span of this scholarship, aspirants are awarded a monthly allowance for the remaining span of their degree.

If you want to fulfill the eligibility criteria, aspirants must be in any degree at institutes in Japan.  To get some more information, get in touch with the University of Japan if you want to join the institute.


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