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Scholarships In Romania In 2023 Study For Free In Romania. Submit admissions applications for the Romania Scholarships for the class of 2022-2023. IELTS is not required to apply for scholarships in Romania. There are no application charges to apply for the Romania Government Scholarships.

The Universities in Romania are now appealing online admission applications for the fully-funded Romania Government Scholarships for the batch of 2023; to scholars interested to study many subjects of different degree levels in Romanian Universities.

Study For Free In Romania

Romania is a flawless study destination as it is home to some of the Best-ranked universities around the globe. In fact, they are the greatest in Eastern Europe. Plus, it has an attractive landscape, diversity, friendly people, and rich heritage that make time spent here valuable.

Even the study and housing fee is quite low in the country and it offers the world’s third-fastest internet.  So, if you are persuaded that Romania is your perfect study destination but are scared about the affordability of university education, worry no more as there are sufficient scholarships in Romania.

These Romanian Scholarships are funded by diverse organizations including the Romanian government and global organizations.

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English Language Requirement for Scholarships In Romania In 2023

If a degree program is qualified in the English language then international candidates are required to submit proof of English language expertise for taking admission to any Romanian University.

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IELTS Requirement  For Scholarships In Romania In 2023

Without IELTS you can still apply for admissions and scholarships in Romania if any IELTS alternate test proof is offered. Else, applicants may submit an English language proficiency certificate which is gained by the previous university.

Scholarships In Romania In 2023

The Romanian state provides Romania Government scholarships for overseas students through different ministries. Also, Romania has bilateral agreements with different countries within the European Union and external for student mobility and research partnership through which scholars and researchers can apply for paid study and research visits throughout the country.

In addition to this, some universities provide scholarships to owing students also. We have a list of the top scholarships in Romania that make studies reasonable for overseas countries. Some of these are full scholarships while others are incomplete.

#1 Romania Government Scholarships 2023

Romania Government Scholarships 2023 for overseas students who are not inhabitants of EU-member countries to study in Romania. These scholarships are presented through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. The scholarships are arranged for undergraduate and postgraduate students in 3 study cycles.

For the first cycle, high-school graduates are providing a scholarship for undergraduate studies in Romania for 3-6 years. In the second cycle, post-graduate scholars are provided scholarships for master’s degrees in Romania for 1.5 to 2 years, which concludes in the thesis.

For the third cycle, university and post-graduate scholars are given scholarships for doctorate programs in the country for 3-4 years. The scholarship covers tuition charges, accommodation subject to accessibility, and financial support in the form of a monthly amount. An inclusive range of programs in all well-reputed Romanian universities come under this scholarship program. Get the complete rules and regulations through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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#2 Excellence Scholarships In Romania In 2023

Excellence Scholarships In Romania In 2023 for global students showing outstanding academic and scientific results. To be qualified, students must have completed at least one year of studies at a qualified university in Romania with the least average of 8.00.

This does not contain the preparatory year. Students from EU third countries itemized in foreign-currency fee-paying places can be granted this scholarship. Awardees are given grants through The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth, and the Sports. So, the students have to be self-financed at the opening of their studies. To get more information, you can contact the Romanian university you are now studying in.

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#3 Romanian Scholarships For International Students 

Each year, the Ministry of Economy, Energy, and Business Environment, Romania provides 40 scholarships to overseas residents. Students who can endorse economic relations between Romania and their home country are selected for the scholarship.

These scholarships are provided for Romanian-trained programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. levels. Priority is given to candidates with certain fields of interest including business, technical science, agricultural science, and oil and gas. The scholarship provides tuition fee waivers, free housing, and a monthly allowance. A one-year preparatory program for studying the Romanian language is also covered under the program. That’s because studies sheltered under these scholarships are in the Romanian language.

Though, global transport, local transport, and other related costs are to be accepted by the students. You can contact your chosen university or go to the website of the Ministry of Economy, Energy, and Business Environment if you wish to get more details.

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#4 CEEPUS Scholarships Program 2023

This is essentially a program that aims to encourage scholar mobility and provides grants for students registered. CEEPUS or The Central European Exchange Program for University Studies provides grants for scholars’ mobility between the member countries. It provides many grants for scholars who arrive for studies in Romanian universities.

Beneficiaries of CEEPUS scholarships get monthly grants, free housing, and medical service charges. There are fairly a few Romanian universities such as the University of Bucharest and the University Politehnica Bucharest that are involved in this program. You can search out more about the CEEPUS program through its website.

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#5 Fullbright Scholarships for U.S. Citizens In Romania 2023

Different scholarship programs are offered for U.S. residents wishing to study in Romania. These are intended to create a better understanding between US residents and people of other countries and inspire the exchange of knowledge and skills. The Fullbright Student Award is provided for students of all degree levels for a period of 9 months.

The Fullbright Scholars program is meant for teaching and research projects and is granted for 4-12 months. Both programs deliver a monthly stipend, travel and relocation cost, health insurance, and another education charge. Finally, The Fullbright Specialist Program is for faculty of U.S. universities and specialists. Check out the website of Fullbright Romania to know more.

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#6 University of Bucharest Scholarships 2023

It is one of the oldest and most famous universities in Romania. It grants many diverse types of scholarships for undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs. These contain Scientific Performance Scholarships, Merit Scholarships, and special scholarships.

Some of these scholarships are sponsored by the university itself while others are funded by numerous agencies. All scholars of the university can apply for these scholarships based on the eligibility standards. You can view facts about the various scholarships and their regulations through the university’s website.

#7 Transilvania Academica Scholarships 2023

Provided by Transilvania University of Brașov (UNITBV), these scholarships are destined for non-EU and non-EEA students. Students acquired at the university for full-time bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees can apply for the scholarship. This scholarship is provided for the full period of the study program but students must pass individually academic year to get a scholarship next year.

The Transilvania scholarship coverage includes tuition charges, housing, and monthly allowance. However, travel expenses and visa costs for Romania have to be borne by the student. Visit UNITBV’s website to get more information on this scholarship.



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