Scholarships At Boston University 2023 – Apply Now

The fully funded scholarships of Boston are now available for the session 2023-24 for foreign students via online applications. All courses are now available to students at the University of Boston. US scholarships and awards are rewarded to students as gifts, which means you don’t have to pay for these.

The scholarships are on need bases, merit, and blessed cases. Boston University offers scholarships for the graduate schools known as alumni it is given by University finance that is authorized by the Boston University trustees.

The acceptance rate of admissions was 21% in the year 2022 at Boston University.

The application fee for admission to Boston University: is US $80.

Does Boston University Require IELTS?

IELTS is not necessary at the time of admission if the student is having another language proficiency test. A certificate of language competency is needed other than the IELTS test.

Some other scholarships are also available like federal and state allowances that government pays you don’t have to worry about it. Eligibility criteria are very important. A FAFSA file is also needed. Other scholarships are also offered by other sponsors.

Who can apply for a Boston University Scholarship?

  • Foreign students are eligible for international, presidential, Fulbright, and trustee scholarships.
  • Citizens of America, permanent citizens, and non-citizens meeting the mentioned eligibility criteria can avail of this scholarship.

Finance Benefits of Boston University Scholarships

The award holders receiving scholarships from Boston University will enjoy the following things:

  • Free-living and food
  • The amount that is funded
  • Stipend every month
  • Half/full academic fee sponsorship
  • Airfares
  • Fees for attending conferences
  • Literature sponsorship and for conducting experiments.

Categories of Boston University Scholarships

These scholarships are given to define the monetary criteria and the deadline of financial assistance like CSS Profile and FAFSA.

It is given only on study-related, athletic and artistic traits.

These scholarships are given by the government. Some states permit you to use the scholarships in colleges and universities.

It depends on monetary needs by the information you gave for FAFSA and the given criteria by the federal government.

List 2023 Boston University Scholarships:

Boston University provides different scholarships that are based on merit. The scholarships include an academic fee, hostel living expenses, stipends, and other pupil advantages. These are based on athletes, artistic work, and performers. There is no need to send a monetary assistance application.

#1 Presidential Scholarships

These are for new students in their 1sy year from all over the world who depict extraordinary study-based achievements. Other than being sharp and talented they also exceed in their classroom activities and are prefects in their society and institute.

  • The last date is November 30.
  • The annual amount is $25000
  • It’s for international aspirants
  • Research proposal, plans of study, letter of motivation, and SOP are all needed to submit.


#2 Boston University Engineering College Scholarships

Engineering College students who take part in any of the seasons with a 1st robotics team will get

  • The annual amount is $25000.
  • The last date is 30th October.
  • The number of awards varies at every step.

#3 Boston University Trustee Scholarships

The most esteemed scholarship, the students are part of different and unique campuses of society that provide cultural, social, and intellectual chances. Students in a competition are the most brilliant in the class and they depict extraordinary activities in their school and society.

  • The annual amount covers the tuition fee
  • The total number of wards is 20.
  • The last date is 30th December.
  • A scholarship note on the common application
  • For the foreign students
  • NO FAFSA/CSS Profile is needed.

#4 National Merit Scholarships

The students selected as finalists in this scholarship program will have the college of their choice with the esteemed national merit scholarship before 1st March.

  • The closing date is 15th September
  • The annual amount is the presidential scholarships
  • FAFSA/CSS Profile is needed in this regard as a recommendation.

#5 College Board National Recognition Scholarships

The famous students of the College Board program with their great scores can avail of this scholarship.

  • The closing date is 31st September
  • The annual amount is $25000
  • CSS Profile /FAFSA is highly recommended.

Scholarship Application Process at Boston University

To get this monetary-based assistance from Boston University, send your CSS Profile and FAFSA as important documents which is then further used for the financial funding of your family.



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