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Kristjan Jaak Scholarship for Short study visits abroad


The Kristjan Jaak Scholarship  is a prestigious program offered by the Estonian government that supports Estonian students, researchers and academics on their short study tours abroad. The aim of the scholarship is to increase the internationalization of Estonian higher education institutions and improve the employability of their graduates. This article provides a detailed description of the scholarship, including its selection criteria, objectives, program, eligible candidates, grant information, application process and other relevant details.

Selection criteria

The Kristjan Jaak Scholarship is open to a wide range of candidates, including:

  • Master’s and doctoral students: Students who are currently studying for a master’s or doctoral degree at an Estonian higher education institution.
  • Advanced students: Advanced students in integrated courses at Estonian higher education institutions.
  • Overseas Scholarship Holders: Students who already hold a Kristjan Jock Scholarship for undergraduate studies and are studying at a foreign university.
  • Resident doctors: Resident doctors working in Estonia.
  • Young scientists and professors: people under the age of 35 or who have received their doctorate more than five years ago, as well as those on parental leave, with extensions as needed.
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The Kristjan Jak Scholarship for Short Study Abroad has several objectives and covers a wide variety of programs, including:

  • Attendance at Conferences: Funding for attendance at conferences and academic sessions.
  • Library and Laboratory Work: Support for use of foreign libraries and laboratories.
  • Conference Development: Financial support to develop conferences to enhance educational content.
  • Educational Supervision: Support for collaboration with foreign educational supervisors.
  • Consultancy: Financial support for obtaining advice and consultancy from overseas experts.
  • Continuing Education Courses: Funding to attend courses that enhance knowledge and experience.
  • Summer School: Support for summer school programs to improve education.
  • Fieldwork: Funding for research or academic fieldwork outside Estonia.
  • Teaching Activity: Support for activities related to teaching abroad and academic links.
Additional important details about the scholarship:
  • The scholarship supports study tours lasting up to one month (30 days).
  • It covers travel, accommodation and subsistence costs, but does not include participation fees.
  • In one academic year, an individual can receive a maximum of two scholarships.
  • candidate can submit only one application per call.
  • Support is available to cover an individual’s expenses.

In cases where more than two applications are submitted for the same event from the same level of study, subject area and university, only the first two applications will be considered for further evaluation.

Grant Provider

The Kristjan Jaak Scholarship Program is generously funded and provided by the Government of Estonia, which demonstrates the Government’s commitment to the internationalization of Estonian higher education.

Application process

Applicants interested in the Kristjan Jaak Scholarship should note the following important information regarding the application process:

  • The application deadline is an important aspect of the process. There are five different application deadlines throughout the year:
  • 1 March (for visits from 04/01 to 09/31)
  • 1 June (for visits from 07/01 to 09/30)
  • 1 October (for visits from 01/11 to 09/30)
  • 1 December (for visits from 01/01 to 09/30)
  • 1 March (for visits from 04/01 to 09/31)

The short study tour cannot start earlier than one month before the application deadline.

To apply for the scholarship, interested persons must submit their application and required supporting documents through the electronic application system available at

The application form, together with the necessary annexes, must be in the Estonian language, with a possible exception for English in exceptional cases. Letters of recommendation from foreign supervisors and confirmation letters from foreign universities can be submitted in English.

Contact information

For further questions and assistance regarding the Kristjan Jock Scholarship for Travel Abroad, applicants may contact the Education and Youth Authority. The contact person for this scholarship program is Kadri Kaldre, who can be contacted by email at or by phone at +372 6 999 397.


The Kristjan Jock Scholarship for Short Study Visits abroad in Estonia is a valuable opportunity for students, researchers and educators to enrich their educational experiences and broaden their horizons.


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