Housekeeping Jobs in Canada 2024 – With High Wage Salary

Many famous cleaning companies in Canada often make public the offering of rapid positions for Housekeeping Jobs in Canada in 2024. The daily pay for the professionals is $14,000-$30,00 depending on the company that gives them a job.

There is a very need for trained cleaners across Canada. If the person meets the desired criteria he/she may be eligible for permanent Canadian residency. Here are the details for a trained worker:

Canada hiring cleaner workers now – Apply For Housekeeping Jobs in Canada 2024

Trained cleaners in Canada are in the highest demand. The salary package is between $77,800- $135,000 yearly. Most of the opportunities for trained cleaners in Canada may be found by searching internet websites. The codes are used for identification purposes. The codes are associated with NOC codes. Like the number 6732 for specialized cleaners.

Types of Cleaning Jobs Available in Canada:

Trained cleaners use specialized tools and cleaning techniques to make the surfaces look clean along with the chimneys, carpets, ventilators, frames, etc. It’s up to them to work for the firms or be independent.

The positions that are under the category of cleaner are below:

  • Car washing cleaners
  • Boiler cleaners
  • Buses cleaners
  • Caretaker of cars
  • Acid tanks cleaner
  • Cleaning specialist for air ducts
  • Carpets cleaner
  • Glasses cleaner
  • Septic tanks cleaners
  • Cleaners for brick/rock sandblaster cleaners

Here are the hourly wages of different jobs for cleaning for Canadian firms. The job demands timings of 32 to 42 hours every week.

1# House/Residential Cleaning Jobs in Canada:

Jobs for house cleaning/residential places have salary packages of $16 and $21 hourly. Aspirants can apply for these opportunities and get Canadian PR (NOC 62021). The details below are the hiring positions from Canadian companies

  • Natural cleaning
  • G power Cleaning Services
  • Cleaning with Love
  • JEM cleaning

2# Janitorial Cleaner Jobs in Canada:

The responsibilities and works of the Janitor include the common cleaning and maintenance of the facility. It involves vacuuming, removing trash, recycling, mirrors, windows cleaning, and so on.  The pay is between #13-$29 hourly. The hiring positions currently are:

  • Kermode Janitorial
  • Princess Mae Janitorial
  • CCA Janitorial
  • CMA Janitorial and Maintenance Services Limited.

3# Shopping Mall Cleaner, Hotels Cleaner, Sweeper, and Room Cleaner jobs In Canada:

The well-known job chances are in Canada consists of things like cleaning floors, rooms of hotels, toilet, etc. The salary per hour is between $14- $29. The hiring positions in Canadian companies are:

  • Peace Hills Investments Limited.
  • Four Winds Motel ING.
  • Bear’s Claw Lodge
  • Hotel Grand Pacific

4# Duct Cleaner Jobs in Canada:

The tasks for this job include shifting heavy instruments such as ducting, furnaces with hand tools, and chemical cleaning. The salary is $13 -$30 hourly. The hiring positions are:

  • Modern PURAIP South Okanagan
  • Breathe well
  • Furnace Heating and air conditioning

5# Office Cleaner Jobs in Canada:

An office cleaner is suitable for all types of cleaning in and out of the office. Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting etc. He is also responsible for restrooms being cleaned and germs-free.  The per-hour wage is $ 13-$ 26. The hiring positions are as below:

  • J and C Elite Cleaning Services
  • Water Blu Cleaning Corporation
  • NOVACOS Building Services Group BC Limited.

The cleaning fieldwork doesn’t demand any sort of degree, certificate, etc. You will come to know about great information in this article in making your career a great one. Hope you people will appreciate us.


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