Great Work-From-Home Jobs for Parents

       9 Great Work-From-Home Jobs for Parents


11 Dec 2021,

Trying to improve everyday life with the responsibilities of parenthood is one seriously major task. Being a parent is a full-time job feeding, bathing, and playing with your children can leave you with little spare time. parents also need to make an income, hold a job, and work daily in addition to caring for their babies.

luckily, today’s technology is making it easier and simple than ever before to work from home. That means father and mother have new jobs at home. As increasingly more opportunities go remote, more parents can find easy, work-from-home. And parents are able to find jobs that allow them to work for free hours, without needing childcare for their children.

If you’re interested in finding a work-at-home job that suits both your interests and your desire and time to stay at home with your kids, check out these 9 tips.

1. Customer Service Representative

Average Pay: $18 per hour, or approximately $35,944 per year.

What You’ll Do: Customer service representatives regularly work in a company, answering customer questions via phone calls message or emails. The role involves responding to questions, hunting down customer info, and providing details to problems. You can work full- or part-time, jumping in to help customers whenever you have spare time.

2. Data Entry Specialist

Average Pay: $35,834 per year.
What You’ll Do: A data entry specialist work with data – and you can deal with data of any type. This role typically involves best keyboard skills, as you’ll be working with many spreadsheets. You’ll carefully enter data wherever it’s needed, confirm that the data is correct and properly reported.

3. Virtual Assistant

Average Pay: $38,477 per year.

What You’ll Do: Virtual assistants are just like regular administrative assistants. However, instead of sitting at a table in an office, you’ll do all of your tasks from home. On an avgr day, you’ll answer emails, manage social media accounts and ids, oversee calendars and schedules, books travel, and even conduct research work.

4. Translator

Average Pay: $35 per hour, or approximately $67,344 per year.

What You’ll Do: Translators can work with different written documents, audio files, or films. You’ll translate the content from one language type to another. You can either job for a company that needs consistent translation, or you can take projects and assignments as needed as a freelancer.

5. Social Media Specialist

Average Pay: $41,946 per year.

What You’ll Do: Social media specialists are in charge of managing several social media accounts and ids. You’ll create posts new designed to boost engagement, ensure managment’s social media presences are best, and even handle content and ads. You can also help brainstorm new content writer for future social media ventures.

Average Pay: $19 per hour, or approximately $38,188 per year.

What You’ll Do: Bookkeeping can be a specialized skill, as it requires careful company, close attention to explain, and financial knowledge. On a regular day, a bookkeeper will record an organization financial transactions, update detail and documents, and review financial information. You may also handle payments as well as bills and other charges.
7. Computer Troubleshooting Technician

Average Pay: $23 per hour, or approximately $45,728 per year.

What You’ll Do: Work to solve IT problems and answer the questions about computer software and hardware. Like any organization in-house IT department, a remote computer troubleshooting technician can solve technical issues, walk individuals through solutions, and even fix problems with online access.

8. Transcriber

Average Pay: $16 per hour, or approximately $31,111 per year.

What You’ll Do: With fast typing abilities and an ear, transcribers turn and audio into written documents. You’ll listen to an audio file, then transcribe what you hear into online documents. Accuracy, explain, and correctness is key skills you’ll need in this role.

9. Proofreader

Average Pay: $43,127 per year.

What You’ll Do: Proofreaders are responsible for catching and correcting proper errors in different written works and lines. You’ll look for errors both small and big, like logical flaws, whether not written material makes sense, and any grammatical mistakes. Proofreaders can pick up individual assignments to build a portfolio,CV and work can become more regular overtime.

How to Find These Work at Home Jobs

Wondering how you can start applying for work-at-home jobs like these? It’s as easy as getting online. the organization offers remote positions right on their websites and on internet opportunities. its means you can only find online jobs.

You can search for remote jobs, part-time jobs, and work at home base. Make sure to check different online jobs. Some, like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed, offer both remote and traditional in-office vacancies. Others, like FlexJobs, post only work at home jobs starting. You can browse all available openings for online work.

Balancing a job and your kids isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your future, your interests, or important time with your children. With a work at home job, you can achieve the right job for your needs.

its is Great Work-From-Home Jobs for Parents

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