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Hank & Elizabeth Sames Scholars Program

The Hank & Elizabeth Sames Scholars Program: Accessing Economically Disadvantaged Students to Higher Education

Hank & Elizabeth Sames Scholars Program”
“Economically Disadvantaged Students Scholarship”
“TAMIU Professor Mentoring Program”
“Four-Year Scholarship for First Generation Students”
“Financially Supported Undergraduate Scholarships


Operated by the Laredo Regional Community Foundation, the Hank & Elizabeth Seimes Scholars Program was created with the vision of empowering economically disadvantaged students with limited access to higher education role models and support at home. it was done. Founders Hank and Elizabeth Sames recognized the risks these students face and developed her two-pronged approach to supporting them.

First, he established a mentoring program for professors at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU), and then, in partnership with the Unified Independent School District (UISD), he launched a four-year scholarship program. The goal of this comprehensive support system is to pave the way for academic success and ultimately ensure that these students earn a college degree and successfully enter higher education.

TAMIU’s Professor Mentoring Program:

The first pillar of the Hank & Elizabeth Sames Scholars Program is TAMIU’s Teaching Program. This unique initiative brings together aspiring sophomores from UISD, the first generation of university students, and experienced professors from the university.

Mentoring programs serve as important resources, providing these students with academic guidance, career advice, and an otherwise inaccessible support network. By matching these students with role model mentors, the program instills confidence and a sense of purpose and fosters an environment conducive to academic and personal growth.

Four-year fellowship program with UISD:

Her second aspect of the scholarship program ensures eight outstanding students each year receive significant financial support throughout their undergraduate years. These scholarships are awarded to students who participate in a mentoring program and demonstrate their potential for academic excellence. The four-year scholarship covers tuition and other related educational costs, thus reducing the financial burden and allowing recipients to focus on their studies and personal development.

Participation requirements:

A. Demographic Requirements:

Enrollment Level: This program is designed for new TAMIU students, especially her sophomore year.

First Generation: To qualify, students must be the first in their families to complete tertiary education, which allows for role models and a need for support in tertiary education.

B. Education requirements:

GPA: This program seeks students who have demonstrated a commitment to teaching and potential for academic success and have achieved a strong academic GPA of 3.5 or higher.

C. Financial needs:

Proof of financial need is a decisive criterion for applicants. The aim of the program is to help economically disadvantaged students to close the economic gap and ensure equal access to higher education.

Grant Extension and Frequency:

The Hank & Elizabeth Sames Scholars Program is renewable and provides ongoing support to recipients throughout the four-year study period. Scholars must maintain academic excellence by achieving a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. This program encourages students to stay focused and achieve their academic goals by renewing their scholarships annually.

Application process:

The program accepts applications with regular deadlines and students can apply as they please within the application period. Interested candidates must register and submit documentation demonstrating academic achievement, financial need, and commitment to education. A selection committee carefully evaluates each application, taking into account the applicant’s suitability and likelihood of success in higher education.


The Hank & Elizabeth Seimes Scholars Program offers a ray of hope to economically disadvantaged students, providing them with the guidance, financial support and encouragement they need to pursue their higher education dreams. By addressing the lack of role models and empowerment in higher education at home, the program aims to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and equitable educational environment.

As grant recipients graduate and embark on successful careers, the impact of this program on their lives and communities will be testament to the transformative power of education and philanthropy.


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