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 Benson Law Firm Scholarship

The Benson Law Firm Scholarship Contest invites U.S. college students to write the best video essay or submit a 1,000-1,500 word essay on how bankruptcy law helps small businesses and promotes economic growth. Award of $1,000 scholarship for application period ending August 15, 2023. Only one award is given.

To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in various academic levels, including senior, doctoral, junior, master’s, sophomore, freshman, or other graduate degrees. This scholarship is intended for students pursuing non-professional jurisprudence, jurisprudence, legal studies and advanced professional studies, legal support services, legal studies and professions, or other related fields.

Applicants must be able to use plain English and communicate honestly in a video or written essay to demonstrate how bankruptcy law has positively impacted small businesses and contributed to economic development. To apply for the incentive, interested students can register and follow the instructions on the Benson Law Firm website to share a video or submit an essay.

In summary, the Benson Law Firm Scholarship Competition provides college students of various educational levels and law-related expertise with an understanding of how bankruptcy law supports small businesses and promotes economic development. is, while offering a chance to compete to win a $1,000 scholarship. The application period ends on August 15, 2023.

 Benson Law Firm Scholarship Review

The Benson Law Firm Scholarship is a financial aid opportunity for US college students who wish to demonstrate their understanding of the impact of bankruptcy law on small businesses and economic development. This scholarship provides an award of $1,000 to the successful applicant. To be eligible, students must submit a short video or essay on a specific topic. The application deadline is August 15.

E ability

This scholarship is open to US college students and has no specific age or grade point average. This means you are eligible to apply regardless of your age or educational background, as long as you are enrolled in a US university.

Application requirements

Applicants must choose between two formats for their short video or essay submission. The focus of the video or article is to explain how bankruptcy law plays an important role in supporting small businesses and promoting economic growth. This subject requires a thorough understanding of bankruptcy law and its positive impact on the business sector and economic development in general.

Scholarship Award

The Benson Law Firm Scholarship awards a total of $1,000 to selected recipients. This financial aid helps college students meet their educational expenses, including: tuition fees, textbooks, other college-related expenses, etc.

Last date of application

The application deadline is August 15. As this is a deadline, applicants should ensure that they complete and submit their video or essay before this time in order to be considered for the scholarship.

Sponsor Information

Benson Law Office, 1422 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, is a generous sponsor of this grant initiative. He believes in supporting the educational aspirations of college students and is passionate about the positive impact bankruptcy law can have on small businesses and economic development.

Contact address

For questions or more information about the scholarship, interested applicants should contact the Benson Law Office using the contact information below.

Phone: 216-241-2510

In short, the Benson Law Firm Scholarship is a great opportunity for Americans. College students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of small businesses and the role of bankruptcy law in supporting economic development. A $1,000.00 award will help you reach your educational goals. Interested applicants should create and submit a video or essay by the August 15 deadline and use the contact information provided for any clarifications or questions.


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