Great Caregiver scholarship program (Military Spouse) 2023-2024

Caregiver scholarship program (Military Spouse) 2023-2024

The Hope For The Warriors Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship Program is a unique initiative that recognizes and rewards the incredible strength and dedication of spouses and caregivers of post-9/11 veterans who have experienced the impact of war on their families.

Since its about in 2006, the program has granted over 140 scholarships, totaling more than $412,000, to help in continuing education and study at reputable, accredited universities, colleges or trade schools.

Caregiver scholarship Post-Graduate

The scholarships offered by the program cater to various educational needs and aspirations of the recipients. The .Honorary Scholarships is granted to those seeking graduate and post-graduate degrees, while the New Beginnings Scholarship is for those pursuing associates and entry-level classes or training.

Family Scholarship

The Restoring Family Scholarship is specifically for spouses of the fallen, and the Restoring Hope Scholarship is for those pursuing a master’s or doctorate of Social Work, Psychology Counseling, or Mental Health Counseling-related field. Lastly, the Restoring Self Scholarship is awarded to those seeking a bachelor’s degree.

Caregiver scholarship Rating

To be eligible of education for the scholarships, the spouse and children’s and families or caregiver must show that their post-9/11 service member or veteran sustained a combat-related injury and/or has a 100% permanent and total VA disability rating to include Individual Unemployability. The program considers a combat-related injury to be an injury caused by armed conflict, hazardous duty, instrumentality of war, and simulated war.

Caregiver scholarship Application Opening

The scholarship awards are made payable to the recipient’s institution for payment of tuition, books, and supplies. The scholarship is for U.S. colleges and universities only. The program is continuously accepting applications, and the Spring 2023 application period will open on August 1.

Impact of the Spouse

The impact of the Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship Program on military families is best illustrated through the stories of its recipients. One former scholarship recipient shares how the program allowed her to pursue her passion for nursing despite the challenges of being a military spouse. She mentions how the scholarship provided her with the financial aid needed to pay for her education, enabling her to support her husband’s career in the military while pursuing her own dreams.

Caregiver scholarship conclusion

In conclusion, the Hope For The Warriors Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship Program is a commendable initiative that provides vital support to the spouses and caregivers of post-9/11 veterans. The program not only recognizes the resilience and dedication of these individuals but also empowers them to achieve their educational aspirations and pursue fulfilling careers. Through this program, military families are given a chance to thrive and succeed despite the challenges they face.

Spring 2023 Scholarship Recipients


  • Natalie Wernberg from the University of Florida, pursuing a Master of Science in Educational Research – Anthropology.
  • Jessica Sherman from the University of Maryland Global Campus, pursuing a Master of Cybersecurity.
  • Karla Seijas from the University of California – Merced, pursuing a Doctorate of Anthropology.
  • Courtnee Lynn Peterson from Angelo State University, pursuing a Master of Social Work.
  • Carla Overton from Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, pursuing a Master of Social Work.
  • Desty Boatright from Southern Oklahoma State University, pursuing a Bachelor of Education.
  • Brittney McCall from The Ohio State University, pursuing a Bachelor of Psychology.
  • Ursula Pirtle from the American College of Health Sciences, pursuing a Bachelor of Health Science – Holistic Health.


The Mathew Parker from Southern Vermont University –the Johnson, pursuing a Bachelor of Performance Arts and Technology.Mirtha Longoria from American Military University, pursuing a Bachelor of Human Resource.
Tiffany Venekamp from Sam Houston State University, pursuing a Bachelor of Communication Studies.

Mishayla Atkinson from the College of Lake County, pursuing an Associate of Psychology.
Timothy Ingram from Fayetteville Technical Community College, pursuing an Associate of Information Technologies – Systems of Security Analysis.

  • Jennifer Prado from South Plains College, pursuing an Associate of Nursing.
  • Andrea Santos from the University of Western Idaho, pursuing an Associate of Health Science.
  • Eliana Armenta from San Diego College, pursuing an Associate of Nursing.
  • Elizabeth Colts from Pasco-Hernando State College, pursuing an Associate of Education.
  • Joan Cardena from National Laser Institute, pursuing a Certificate of Medical Aesthetics.
  • Magdelena Martinez from Anoka Ramsey Community College, pursuing a Certificate of Special Education.
  • Nyla Thomas from South College, pursuing an Associate of Diagnostic Sonography.

Congratulations to all the Caregiver scholarship recipients for Spring 2023! These individuals have been recognized for their

  • outstanding achievements and dedication to their respective fields of study. Through these scholarships, they are given the opportunity to pursue their educational goals and embark on new beginnings in their academic journeys.

The Honorary Scholarship recipients, Natalie Wernberg, Jessica Sherman, and Karla Seijas, are pursuing advanced degrees in fields such as Educational Research, Cybersecurity, and Anthropology, showcasing their commitment to academic excellence and research in their respective fields.

The Restoring Hope Scholarship recipients, Courtnee Lynn Peterson and Carla Overton, are pursuing Master’s degrees in Social Work, demonstrating their passion for making a positive impact on individuals and communities through their work in social services.

Restoring Family Scholarship

The Restoring Family Scholarship recipients, Desty Boatright, Brittney McCall, and Ursula Pirtle, are pursuing undergraduate degrees in fields such as Education, Psychology, and Holistic Health, highlighting their dedication to promoting family well-being and education.

The Restoring Self Scholarship recipients, Mathew Parker, Mirtha Longoria, and Tiffany Venekamp, are pursuing undergraduate degrees in areas such as Performance Arts and Technology, Human Resource, and Communication Studies, showcasing their pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Caregiver scholarship Beginnings Scholarship

Lastly, the New Beginnings Scholarship recipients, Mishayla Atkinson, Timothy Ingram, Jennifer Prado, Andrea Santos, Eliana Armenta, Elizabeth Colts, Joan Cardena, Magdelena Martinez, and Nyla Thomas, are pursuing associate degrees and certificates in fields such as Psychology, Information Technologies,

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