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Bachelor of Arts with CalArts Merit Scholarship opportunities at California College of the Arts (CalArts).

Are you a student of great academic and artistic ability? Do you want to unleash your creativity in an environment that values diversity and experimentation? CalArts College of the Arts (CalArts) We offer outstanding scholarships for undergraduate programs, providing an excellent opportunity to continue your education while receiving financial support.


CalArts is known for its commitment to fostering creativity, innovation and interdisciplinary inquiry. To attract talented individuals, CalArts awards $10,000 annual merit scholarships to outstanding students who demonstrate exceptional ability in both the sciences and the arts.


The Merit Scholarship provides generous financial support of $10,000 each year. This financial aid helps cover tuition fees and allows you to focus on your academic and artistic endeavors without feeling an undue financial burden.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be considered for a merit scholarship, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Academic and Artistic Excellence: Demonstrate high academic and artistic ability that distinguishes you from other students.

Originality and Personal Aesthetic: Your work should reflect a strong personal aesthetic and sense of originality and demonstrate your unique artistic opinion.

Diversity and Experimentation: CalArts values diversity and experimentation. Applications are based on these principles and should consider different perspectives and approaches.

Balanced Representation: This scholarship aims to ensure balanced representation within each program and across the institution.

Peer Assessment: Your academic and artistic achievements to date will be assessed and placed in the context of a peer group.

Application Process:

The grade-based scholarship application process includes the following steps:

Apply for Admission: Apply for admission to CalArts through the standard application process. All admitted students are automatically eligible for performance-based scholarships.

Portfolio or Audition: Your admission or audition portfolio plays an important role in scholarship evaluation. Make sure your portfolio reflects your artistry and creativity.

Scholarship Considerations: Top 30% of freshman class will be selected for merit scholarship. Selection is highly competitive and is based on overall portfolio and application criteria.


The Merit Scholarship provides USD 10,000 annually. This financial aid can be used to cover tuition, materials and other educational expenses while you are at CalArts. You will be financially comfortable and you will be able to focus fully on your studies and artistic work.


Specific application deadlines for results-based scholarships may vary by academic year. For the most up-to-date information on application deadlines, visit the official CalArts website or contact the Office of Admissions.

Begin your creative journey with CalArts with the help of a merit scholarship. This is your opportunity to receive an excellent education, pursue your artistic passions, and contribute to a diverse and experiential community at a leading arts education institution. Apply now to unlock your creativity and secure valuable financial support for your academic career.

CalArts is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in its student body by offering scholarships and grants to international students pursuing BFA and MFA programs. These institutional funding options reflect the institution’s commitment to equity and access to quality education.

CalArts offers scholarships and grants to international BFA students to increase diversity in the classroom. The goal of this financial aid is to make your CalArts education accessible to a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. By providing such opportunities, the institution recognizes the value of cultural and global perspectives in enriching the educational experience of all students.

International graduates pursuing MFA programs are also eligible for scholarships and grants from the institution. CalArts understands the financial challenges that graduate study can pose, especially for international students. As such, these funding options are designed to alleviate some of the financial burden and allow a talented individual from a diverse international background to bring a unique artistic perspective to their CalArts community. has been.

In short, your commitment to CalArts to provide scholarships and grants to international students pursuing BFA and MFA programs demonstrates the company’s commitment to promoting diversity, equity and access to arts education. Doing These grants not only recognize the value of diverse cultural perspectives, but also strive to create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that benefits the entire CalArts community.


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