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Asu Military Active Duty And Reservist Scholarship

Arizona State University Reserve Active Duty and Military Service Scholarships: Providing Opportunities for Military Students

Arizona State University (ASU) has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting military students by introducing Active and Reserve Military Commitment Scholarships. This scholarship is a testament to her ASU commitment to providing quality, accessible education to those who have served or are currently serving. A “Military Friendly School” for the sixth consecutive year, ASU honors military personnel and their families by waiving tuition fees for eligible military students who enroll online.

Step continues. This article reviews the benefits, majors, departments, application deadlines, and application process for the ASU Active and Reserve Commitment Scholarships.

Benefits of Active Duty and Reserve Service Scholarships:

Reservists and Active Duty Service Scholarships are very important for military students pursuing graduate education through ASU Online. The main benefits of this scholarship are:

Tuition Coverage: The scholarship covers the remaining tuition per credit hour for eligible military students. This means that higher education becomes more accessible and affordable, with beneficiaries no longer having to bear tuition fees.

World-Class Education: asu scholarships portal is known for academic excellence and commitment to providing world-class education. Scholarship recipients receive the same quality education as on-campus students, ensuring a quality learning experience.

Flexibility: ASU’s flexible online scheduling allows military students to balance academic and service activities. This flexibility allows military students to pursue their educational goals without compromising their obligations to the country.

Field of study:

ASU offers a wide range of undergraduate programs through its online campus. military student can choose from over 80 bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a variety of areas of study. Whether your interests are in

  • business,
  • science,
  • technology,
  • engineering,
  • the arts,

or any other field, ASU has a program to suit your career aspirations.

Departments and Support Services:

ASU strives to provide comprehensive support services to the military student community. Some of the departments and support services available to military students are listed below.

Military Advocacy Services: ASU has staff who act as advocates for military student, helping them meet the unique challenges they may encounter in continuing their education.

Academic Counseling: ASU offers academic counseling services to help military students plan their course schedules and ensure they achieve their academic goals.

Veterans Affairs Center: The ASU Veterans Affairs Center provides a place for military students to connect, find resources, and receive guidance on a variety of issues related to education and military-to-academic transitions.

Career Services: ASU offers career development services to help military students prepare for graduate employment and career development.

Application Deadline:

ASU Active Duty Military and Reservist Commitment Scholarship for Spring 2024 Session B effective March 16,2024. While specific application deadlines may vary from year to year, it is important to stay up-to-date by visiting eligible military students. Official website of military facts for students .

Application Process:

To apply for the Reservist and Active Duty Military Commitment Scholarship, military students must follow these steps:

Eligibility Verification: Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarship, including being enrolled as an undergraduate at ASU Online and using military commissary scholarship Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits.

Visit the Scholarship Website: Visit the ASU Scholarship website ( to access detailed information about the scholarship, including application requirements, deadlines, and any Also contact information for questions.

Prepare application materials: Gather all necessary documents, which may include academic records, proof of military service, and personal statements.

Submit Application: Complete the application online through the asu scholarships portal ensuring that you provide accurate and complete information.

Follow-up: After submitting your application, monitor your email for updates or requests for additional information. Please be prepared to respond promptly to any communication from the ASU Scholarship Committee.


the ASU Reservist and Active Duty Commitment Scholarship exemplifies ASU’s unwavering commitment to serving those who have served our nation. This scholarship overcomes financial barriers, giving military students access to a world-class education in a variety of fields of study through ASU Online. With comprehensive support services and a commitment to academic excellence, ASU is an excellent choice for military students looking to advance their education and career prospects.

To learn more about this scholarship opportunity and explore ASU’s diverse range of online degree programs, visit the official ASU Online website at



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