Study in Italy 2022 – Step by Step Admission Process

Study in Italy 2022 – Step by Step Admission Process


10 january 2022

euro dreams

Hey Guys we have launched a Complete Course on Studying in Italy Free of Cost from my website.

This chain of Study in Italy has total 4 step

1. Admission
2. Pre Enrollment
3. Scholarship
4. Visa


1. Intakes
2. Admission Time Duration
3. Eligibility
4. Application Process
5. Documents Required
6. Tips and Tricks
7. Universities open for Admission .

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Hey guys, welcome to Euro Dreams
Now this article is going to be a very crucial post for those who are planning to study in Italy in 2022 intake
So I’ve prepared a full course for studying in Italy, or you can call it a series with few post.
It has all the information about studying in Italy and I am gonna release four videos in it, this week
This is the first part i.e. admission, then pre-enrollment, scholarship, and visa, which is the most crucial step.
Based on my experience of handling hundreds of applications I’ll tell you about
Top universities, admission process, requirements, and we’ll mainly discuss about public universities
In the end I’ll give you tips and tricks to get into a top Italian public university.
What are we waiting for? Let’s begin!
Admissions have already started in Italian public universities.
There are 2 intakes here generally, one in February and one in September
this post are dedicated to September intake, because February intake is offered by only 2 or 3 universities
In this entire video, we’ll only talk about September 2022 intake.
Italy is one such country, that opens its admissions 11 months prior the intake
So for September intake you’ll have to apply from previous year’s November.
Admissions are open right now, and hence this time each year I bring such a video to you all
Italy has over 200 universities, so your options are open. Now let’s see what are the requirements?
You need minimum 12 years of education for bachelor’s degree and 15 years for a master’s degree.
Candidates with equivalent diploma qualifications can also apply. Secondly, minimum 55% are required
You won’t get a public university in India with 55%, but in Italy you will get one with slightly over 55%
Some universities ask for SAT or TOLC for bachelor’s and engineering courses, not all
For masters only few universities ask for GMAT, that’s very rare, most of the universities have no tests
Mostly it’s just the 12-15 year education and 55% criteria, which most of you fulfill. So you are eligible.
Now let’s talk about the step by step process to apply in Italian public universities.
First step is to find English taught programs. Since, its Italy, so most of the programs here are in Italian
There’s a website authorized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, Universitaly, where you can easily find English taught programs.
Google, Universitaly,
Click on courses in English, then on the magnifying glass, and you have all the English taught courses here
The British flag denotes English. 2 years is for master’s, 6 for MBBS, and 3 for bachelor’s
You can select your desired course and university from here.
That’s how you choose your program, so I suggest you to choose 3-4 programs for application
Now that you’ve chosen the course and university, it’s time to make an application
On each university’s website you’ll find their admission portal, where you have to register.
For example, you can see University of Siena’s admission portal on screen.
I’ve already registered here. You can choose any program that is suitable, and check its requirements here
For example, let’s try and apply to this Economics program for 2022 intake.
Here you have to register yourself. Enter you details
Then education, then language proficiency, then any previous work experience.
Then your motivation, then your documents will automatically come here, then checklist is important
You need to upload your proof of language proficiency, your CV, and proof of payment.
You need to upload these entire documents. The first document is your Passport
Then photographs, then for bachelors your 10th and 12th, for masters 10th, 12th and degree are required
Now your CV, add your relevant work experience in your CV. CV is highly crucial.
Then there’s the motivation letter or SoP or Cover Letter, its important because in it you mention
Why are you applying? What are your goals? And why should you be selected? SoP decides why are you actually desperate to be in this program?
Next is LOR which is a Letter of Recommendation or Letter of Reference
You can either get it by your school or college teachers or get it from your colleagues from your past work space
Next requirement is of EPC, which is English Proficiency Certificate
For this you can ether use IELTS, or TOEFL, or MOI i.e. Medium of Instruction Certificate
which states that your previous education was in English medium. Hence, IELTS is not mandatory in Italy.
Now I recommend that you take IELTS, if you are targeting top universities
For pursuing students, you can get a Bonafide certificate that states you’ll complete For pursuing students, you can get a Bonafide certificate that states you’ll complete your previous course by June, and your expected grade.
Your skype ID and syllabus can be requested too, but those are additional. Main ones I’ve explained.
Now after gathering these documents, you’ll upload them and then will pay the application fees.
The application fee ranges from �10-50, varies for each university. You’ll find some free universities too.
Like Pisa, Messina, Macerata, and there are many more.
After filling in the data, you need to review your application and then you can submit!
After this your acceptance letter can take 7-40 days to arrive, and before that 50% universities will conduct your interview via zoom or skype.
Interview you’ll have to face before getting the acceptance. This is the entire process to get admission.
You can get the offer by self application also.
Now I’ll give you some tips and tricks
Apply in 3-4 universities for safer side, so that you have admission from in case of rejection from the other
If your grades are low then apply early, like right now, and choose non demanding courses that less students choose.
Try to create a Europass CV, and add experience related to the course that you’re applying for
IELTS is not mandatory, but it strengthens your profile, so I suggest that if you target top universities then take IELTS.
Motivation letter, don’t overwrite if. It is the document that makes you stand out, so write to the point and write unique.
These are my tips and tricks that’ll help you get into Italian Public Universities.
Stay tuned for the next part i.e Pre-enrollment. And like this as much as you can only then I’ll stick to this series. Take Care, see you soon!

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