Study in India University of Mumbai Scholarships

Study in India University of Mumbai Scholarships in 2022-2023
dear international students welcome back
to scholarshiphither today we have new info for you and this is from india it’s a fully funded scholarship in india and it’s
from the university of mumbai for session 2022 and 2023 we will discuss about this fully funded opportunity in india and this is the best university in india to study on it’s located in the hub of bollywood and you can study their absolutely free on fully funded scholarships there are a lot of scholarships it will take you to this indian full scholarship university of mumbai india in 2022 so university of Mumbai and it’s asteroids by various organizations for year 20203 and the programs are bachelors masters and phd and the procedure to apply is completely online so the coverage will uh almost cover everything and
here are the list of university of Mumbai scholarships into zero to two so there are various organizations providing the scholarships to be studying in for international students to study in the university of Mumbai itself and first is the  scholarships it’s for the eligible international students and you can apply via that also the welcome trust or dbt india alliance senior fellowship in india is also available for international students and its deadline is august 6 2022 and for the dbtgr fellowship grf scholarship it’s the 2022 to march 25 and the third is national arts council scholarship in singapore so it’s from the nac and it’s to study in the university of mumbai and deadline is march 29th and application procedure is online third is jennings memorial scholarship
India University of Mumbai Scholarships
for this February 4th is the deadline then is the asia development bank scholarship and the deadline varies from country to country sixth is the haddock orc arts administration scholarship and its deadline also varies throughout the year then on the seventh is the iacl research grants for doctoral study it’s for the post-doctoral studies and its satellite is 31st may 2002 and eighth is the net scholarship and it’s also for the international students  and deadline is the october 17th route to do so you have almost 8 10 months left to apply for this particular scholarship ninth is the Asia pacific foundation of canada media fellowship
it’s for the media scholarships andmedia students to study in the university of mumbai and its deadline is april 26 2022 the procedure is completely online 10th on the list is the pogo score visiting fellowship it’s for the developing countries and its deadline is the april 30th 202 1 and sorry it’s 2022 and it is like some correction and you can apply absolutely for any of those scholarships all you have to do is just get admission and while mentioning in the offer they will be mentioning which scholarships we will be covering and for that you have to apply for other scholarships as now to apply for the university of mumbai scholarships you can scroll down at the end of our page there is application link for the university of mumbai admissions and similarly at each of our scholarships listed in the this page you can check the application procedure is given there and the link is also given there the button in the red color is also given there first we will check out how to fill the admission application for international students
in india it’s in ashen country it’s also known as nri so you can just click on this application link here and it will redirect you to the official university of mumbai website on the website you can check about online admissions and in the last step there is admission for international students click on this admission for interest resource link it will take you to this website so let
me refresh it will take you to the this page and here you can check register and login if you have to register for the first time here just scroll down little bit and at the top let me show you there’s a menu and there is a register just click on this register button and once you click on this register button so it will take you to this page where you have to fill the first name then last name
and then so once you arrive so you cannot edit your name say yes and then click on the arrow on the right hand side then so you should use the address and then so are you a foreign national say yes and tick that then you will have to fill some details student email id just these details must be correctly mentioned and you have to cross check your spellings from your passport have the international or just have the student email id it’s just a gmail account mention your email password confirm password with the mobile country phone number and the code and then date of birth and then mention this code here and click on the proceed once you’ve done this with these steps you’ll receive an otp in your email once you are your otp in your email use the same otp
and let me go back to the login page use the same otp and click on this login button here once you are your email and the password and on the first page you will be asked for the otp verify that
and then click on this login so let me login then click on this login button and it should take us the dashboard of the university of mumbai and we will fill the application so wait for few seconds here you can check we have uh ten percent completed
uh from our profile to fill the application now here you can check step one step two every step is mentioned there and click on the next steps click on this arrow step two eligibility step three check eligibility and other process step four step five six and seven you so you have to carry the official documents to the university and to fill the application click on the search course or search college then if you have your preferred college you can search that and you can also search the college uh by course so let
let’s see the courses you can check faculty of science arts every course is mentioned here so i will be choosing the science
and for that i will be choosing this bachelor of science in computer science then click on the apply so it should take us to the application field so here you can check we have to complete these seven steps and after these seven steps there might be few more so let’s first complete the personal information current as education and follow the steps first choose the country so i’ll be choosing the nigeria then click ok so i am applying as a nigerian season then choose a citizenship and fill this form correctly now after nigerian mention the address then state and then the country then passport details then passport issuing country so choose from the list and then passport issue date and then password expiry date and then click on the save so after that it should take us to the
fourth step so provide information of anyone in your family so it’s just for the communication purpose so you can enter the name so choose from the list enter the phone number and click on the save now enter the education details from your class 10th 11th 12th or diploma and then degree so if you have daily you can add that however you can just submit the west african examination i have completed for the nigerian board so you can add the nigerian board or whichever board is in your country you should enter that so i have completed that then this school name and then the address and then you have to enter the date of result then enter the date of result and the roll number then medium of examination say online or offline then enter the subject you and enter the other subjects whichever you have and then click on the update so some mandatory fields are missing

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