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Admissions to the Spanish University of Barcelona Without IELTS in 2023 Apply for admissions to the Scholarships In Spain In 2023 exam on fully or incompletely funded Scholarships in 2022 for 2023 intake. University of Barcelona Scholarships for 2022-2023 intake are open for all disciplines and degree levels being presented there.

Scholarships in Spain presented by one of the top-ranked universities of Barcelona are accessible for the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral degree programs. Applicants, either Spanish residents or internationals, from all over the world can apply for such valued Spanish scholarships. Admissions applications are currently exposed, so apply before the due date to evade any troublesomeness in the end.

The University of Barcelona is quite a well-known name in the city of Spain, known for offering varied degree programs like Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. It is a top preferred destination among international students to pursue higher education in numerous fields. However, the educational journey becomes smooth and contented because of unlimited scholarships, grants, and bursaries.

Degree Programs Offered by Scholarships In Spain In 2023:

Hundreds of bachelor’s, Doctoral, & Master’s degree programs are offered for the applicants to make their careers in the following fields;

  • Health Sciences
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Geology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Humanities & Arts
  • Architectural Studies
  • Archeology
  • International Relations
  • Political Sciences
  • Computer & Data Engineering, and much more.

Well, this list of programs presented at Barcelona University does not end here. Students can register in any of the above programs under numerous fully/partially funded scholarships. On the other hand, this admired university has many Research & International Exchange programs like Erasmus Mundus Program, Bilateral Agreements, EMSPS Program, etc. Foreign students can also opt for such programs.

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IELTS Requirement in Scholarships In Spain In 2023

IELTS is no longer a compulsory requirement for admission at the University of Barcelona for English-taught programs. If a candidate has an acceptable IELTS alternate exam certificate available to prove the required expertise level in the English language then IELTS will not be needed.

List of IELTS alternate Exams Accepted at Scholarships In Spain In 2023:

  • B1 level certificate
  • English level B1 & B2 CEFR
  • Level C1 or C2 ECFR
  • The French equivalent to A2 ECFR
  • Spanish level B2 or equivalent
  • Cambridge First Certificate (A-C)
  • DELE
  • Cambridge Proficiency exam
  • Cambridge Advanced Certificate

The instruction medium at Barcelona university contains three languages; English, Spanish, & Catalan. But here, before getting registered in the chosen degree courses, the management informs the students about the instruction language of each subject due to language transparency.

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Language Proficiency Criteria at Scholarships In Spain In 2023:

The Language Requirements vary as per each nominated course and subject. To take by the language proficiency requirements of the University of Barcelona, students must follow certain criteria and submit the stated language certificates and test scores;

An in-person interview will get organized by the University of Barcelona management to judge the language proficiency of the candidate. But this condition will only if the students fail to submit any of the above-listed test grades or certificates.

Acceptance Rate of Scholarships In Spain In 2023:

The acceptance ratio of the University of Barcelona is between 70% to 80%. However, getting nominated here is still not so easy. Students have to meet certain entry, admission, & language requirements procedures.

Admission Application Fee at Scholarships In Spain In 2023:

Applicants have to submit the non-refundable amount of €30 as an admission application fee at the University of Barcelona.

Funding Grant of Scholarships In Spain In 2023

The University of Barcelona is well-known for its quality education and research progress. Studying here on a fully-funded scholarship is a dream of many but very few students get lucky to succeed in any or all of the Barcelona University academic funding grants:

  • Free, reduced or partially waived off tuition fee cost
  • Library association card of the University of Barcelona
  • Grant per month paid by University of Barcelona
  • Hostel housing at University of Barcelona Hostels
  • University of Barcelona sponsorship for scholar health insurance
  • Funding for conference contribution fees

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Scholarships In Spain In 2023 Admission Application Process:

The application process for Barcelona university is completely online. Students are demanded to fill out the admission application form in capital letters after getting approval from their home universities to study at the University of Barcelona. Students can submit separate applications or apply via an exchange program.

Five Steps of Admission Process at Scholarships In Spain In 2023:

  • Choice a degree program and check out its entrance requirements
  • Make admission application profile, fill in biodata information
  • Attach essential admission documents
  • Check your final admission application
  • Succumb an application to wait for an interview call

Attach the required documents with the admission application charges and make copies of this form for the future. Once you get the acceptance letter, start making preparations for the medical and house to make your stay easy in Barcelona. After reaching here, contact the concerned department and faculty for extra support.

List of Scholarships offered by Scholarships In Spain In 2023:

The University of Barcelona announced many grants and Spanish scholarships for their resident and global students. Students registered in the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees can win these scholarships with valued rewards and financial exposure. Let’s discuss each of the scholarships in feature.

1# Departmental Collaboration Grants 2023:

That scholarship grant is offered for the students pursuing Master’s degrees here. It is a chance to cooperate with the other departments and conduct research applicable to their studies. The departmental association grant scholarship reward is 2,000 euros. But it is vital that students must spend at least 3 hrs/day for 7 and a half months in the department to accomplish the scholarship requirements.

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2# General Scholarships in University of the Barcelona Spain:

This Barcelona University scholarship is exposed to the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and pre-EHEA degrees. Students who abide by the eligibility standards in terms of finances & academics can apply for this scholarship. Though, the scholarship will be decided based on the income and academic performance of the applied applicants. Meanwhile, winners will get an elastic amount as a scholarship reward.

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3# Santander Equality Scholarships 2023:

All the eligible yet deserving female students registered in an undergraduate degree program during their second or third year can get this University of Barcelona scholarship based on their academic scores & financial incomes. This Spanish scholarship program is a clue of Santander Group. Though, the duration of this scholarship is two years. In the meantime, students will get a vast amount of money as a scholarship reward of 5000 euros.

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4# US Collaboration Scholarships 2023:

This University of Barcelona collaboration scholarship program is offered for the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs. Here, the students will get a golden chance to work on some strange projects that will aid them in academics and personal training. Also, the funding for such cooperative tasks will be paid for by the university and external bodies.

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5# International Mobility Grants 2023:

This University of Barcelona scholarship grant will be given only to those students who have to stay at another university for two semesters because of the flexibility programs. Students registered in any degree program are eligible. However, to inform them about their selection, they will obtain a call from the partnered university.

6# MATRC & Equity Scholarships 2023:

Students chasing any Undergraduate, Graduate, or Doctorate programs or belonging to any associated institutions can get this scholarship. This scholarship aims to help students in completing their studies without upsetting about finances. Candidates will receive the scholarship grant based on their family income and the number of people in the family.

However, for the application, there will be a single form for everything, like equity scholarship or authorization of income. On the other hand, the candidates will have to follow the two-mentioned processes to get their application managed, like Equitat Procedure or MATRC Procedure.

7# MAEC-AECID Scholarship Grants 2023:

Students registered in any postgraduate, research, and language courses can avail of this grant. To become qualified for this, students must hold a Bachelor’s degree and meet the required academics and other essential criteria. Plus, the applied applicant must be a Spanish national. Though, the grants will be given monthly to the selected applicants.

8# DRAC Program Grants 2023:

The DRAC scholarship grant at Barcelona University is offered for the students doing Master’s degree, Doctoral degree, EHEA Bachelor’s degree, & first- and second-stage Licenciatura degree courses. The grants will be provided for any actions like; attending seminars or conferences, starting a research project, arranging a multicultural program, etc. Temporarily, the DRAC program also provides grants to study in another country for a short period.

9# Trainee Teaching & Research Staff Grant 2023:

Trainers and the Teaching staff members in the postgraduate programs doing the research, and working on thesis and dissertation can relish this University of Barcelona grant. The duration of this Spanish scholarship grant is three years. Temporarily, the applicants will receive monthly payments, free enrollment in the different doctoral programs & social security.



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