Scholarships In Belgium 2023-2024 – For International Students

Scholarships In Belgium from 2023-2024 are open for international students. Here is good news for international students who want to study for a Master’s Bachelor’s and PhD. in Belgium with a fully funded scholarship in the academic year 2023-24. On this website we will discuss scholarships from all over the world and today we can discuss the Scholarships In Belgium 2023-2024, and get to know how to apply for this scholarship.

Scholarships In Belgium 2023-2024, which are a part of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, have also volunteered financial services to new students from less developed nations. All foreign and domestic candidates may also register online for the fully funded fellowships in Belgium for the semester of 2023 for the upcoming academic year. Using the opportunity to submit free online graduate assistantships to universities, students have had the potential to get fully funded Belgium scholarships. Both domestic and foreign students may benefit from these incentives. Belgium Fellowships 2023 have been designed to encourage learners who’ve been moving toward Belgium to acquire a chance to be educated at a reasonable rate. International students with a permanent resident visa may choose to work on weekends while studying throughout Belgium.

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Financial Coverage by Scholarships In Belgium 2023-2024 :

ARES scholarships and grants provide a variety of opportunities to those who are qualified for them. Students get numerous benefits from this.

About Scholarships In Belgium 2023-2024 :

Everyone must have access to the world’s best education, according to the ARES education program, which would be supported through higher education as well as the University of Investigation. Students from all over the world enjoy all these benefits from the ARES education program, which would be supported through higher education as well as the University of Investigation. Students from all over the world enjoy all these benefits: Free tuition free transportation, free academic services, allowances, fellowships, study-related funds, and student expenses Qualified students are provided with approximately 125 fellowships for both master’s and bachelor’s degree courses. These ARES fellowships’ tenure fluctuates between the years. However, funds for curricula will be offered for approximately two to six years. Therefore,  they can decide whether to give this to all learners right away.

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Instruction of languages in Belgium Universities:

The languages of instruction at Belgium’s world-renowned universities seem to be French as well as Dutch. English is indeed a commonly used language during instruction within worldwide education.

For Bachelor’s & Mater’s Specialized Scholarships :

  • Including one subsidized round-trip tickets
  • ARES may continue paying all expenditures incurred for international traveling
  • A monthly stipend
  • Service charges
  • Health care costs.

For Continuing  Education  Scholarship Program :

  • Discounted round-trip tickets on budget airlines on a situational aircraft
  • recovery with monthly outgoings
  • indirect project expenditures

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Are degree Programs Available for ARES Scholarships?

Absolutely, but only if the applicants seem to be from English-speaking nations or if the earlier schooling being accomplished inside a language school is well eligible for ARES scholarships.

For Bachelor’s Program:

  • Business Data Analysis B.S.

For Master’s Program :

  • Public Health Methodology
  • Transport
  • Integrated Health Risk Management
  • Microfinance
  • Logistics
  • International and Development Economics
  • Social Innovation Design
  • Water -Energy -Food Nexus
  • Public Health Sciences
  • Risk and Disaster Management
  • Human Rights

For Continuing  Education  Scholarship Program :

  • Finance
  • Dentistry
  • Data Science for Global Health
  • Digital University Pedagogy
  • Free Geographic Information System
  • QA and QC of medicines and health products
  • Human Dimensions in sustainable development
  • Interdisciplinary Certificate in Transitional Justice

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List of ARES Partnered Countries :

There is a list of ARES partner countries which are following there :

  • Morocco
  • Uganda
  • Indonesia
  • Tunisia
  • Niger
  • Vietnam
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe
  • Peru
  • Haiti
  • Ecuador
  • Tanzania
  • Cuba
  • Nepal
  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia
  • Mozambique
  • Cambodia
  • Bolivia
  • Senegal
  • Burkina Faso
  • Madagascar
  • Cambodia
  • Benin
  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Philippines
  • Rwanda Republic of Guinea
  • Democratic  Republic of Congo

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Application Procedure for ARES Scholarships:

For such esteemed ARES fellowships, students might make the online registration. In the meantime, the review panel will determine the applicant’s eligibility based on their procedural eligibility. On the contrary, depending on whether a submission is entered within the first day of the call or otherwise, everyone’s submissions will indeed be examined fairly. This enrollment, however, is free of charge.  People from impoverished countries who possess the ability to lead and want to register in Ph.D. programs at Belgium universities seem qualified for such a university’s progressive world leadership scholarship. This scholarship provided a number of opportunities for those who had completed their graduation degree and were now pursuing an M.Phil. These awards have some requirements that students must have Belgium passports and visas and other fully-funded opportunities.  Universities in Belgium work together with the Academy of Research in Education (ARES) and award ARES scholarships. The fellowships have included housing as well as an accommodation stipend, fees paid, and healthcare for just a period of two to six months.

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ARES Scholarships Eligibility:

Age Limit of Applicant :

  • BS & MS Scholarships = 40 Years
  • Continuing Education Programs = 45 Years
  • The applicant must have an equivalent bachelor’s or graduate degree to meet the requirements.
  • The applicant must live in, work in, or be a national of one of the ARES-eligible countries.
  • The applicant was required to have a minimum of three years of professional experience.

The ARES Scholarship application process is described here:

Construct a GIRAF profile initially. Users will receive a verification code featuring the user’s account username. Afterward, sign in to your GIIRAF profile and choose “My Tasks” then “Competitive Call.” Finally, complete the form with the key information regarding you and add all relevant documents as PDF files.

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Selection Criteria:

The chosen coursework, papers, research projects, and other educational backgrounds will have been put into consideration whenever determining the ARES fellowship candidates. Candidates applying must first secure registration at any of the institutions of higher education within ARES Scholarships prior to actually submitting a request for any of the fellowships granted by those institutions. Most applications must be completed immediately. Then, select a graduate degree as well as a field of study that interests you. Upon finishing the online application form, institutions send candidates a verification email.

Documents List for ARES Scholarship Programs :

  • Educational transcripts
  • Research plan
  • Reference letter
  • Diploma certificates
  • Scanned passport copy

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ARES Scholarship Application Deadline: May 27, 2023

The deadline for the submission of an ARES scholarship is May 27, 2023.




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