Scholarships For Ethiopians 2023-2024 – Without IELTS

Scholarships For Ethiopians 2023-2024 are now available. If you want to study as an Ethiopian student IELTS/ TOEFL exams for language proficiency. You can also send the substitute for IELTS. These tests will help to know about the ability and hold of students on the English language.

Can we Apply for Admission without IELTS at an International University?

Some institutes have expanded their language proficiency of language and giving admissions to students without TOEFL/ IELTS exams. DET, IELTS indicator, PTE, password solo exams, and IELA are the substitutes for IELTS.

What are the universities that offer scholarships Without IELTS?

Taking admission to foreign countries is quite exciting for native students as well. The expenditures are so high, but it lessens the expenditures of students.

Fully Funded Scholarships without IELTS for Ethiopian Students 2023

Take into consideration the scholarships for free in the year 2023:

1# Malmo University Scholarships in Sweden For Ethiopians

The Malmo University of Sweden got famous due to its student-based learning system with 24,000 candidates. It is providing English courses.

Requirements of MUMS Scholarships

Candidates from Switzerland are not able to apply for this institute. Research proposals, recommendations, plans for study, and other relevant documents are needed. CV, passport, and online application are also necessary.   The rate of acceptance is high and the fee is SEK 900. A degree of B/6 or its equal from a secondary institute in Sweden is needed.

MUMS Scholarship Sponsorship Coverage Plan:

75-100% fee is covered by this institute.


It will end for the session 2023-2024 in April 2023


2# University of Queensland Scholarships in Australia For Ethiopians

It’s the most popular university ranking 54th in the whole world. Here the admission rate of acceptance is 40% and the fee is A$ 400.

The following courses are taught:

  • Environment
  • Science
  • Mathematics

Queensland Scholarship value

It’s more than $10,000 in the 1st year. And varies every year.

Eligibility criteria of the University of Queensland

Foreign students having MA UQ degrees having low GPAs in their undergraduate program


April 28, 2023, is the last date.


3# Hammad Bin Khalifa University Scholarships in Qatar for Ethiopians

HBKU is in Doha. The biggest institute in Qatar. Almost 38% of students are natives and the rest are non-natives. This university offers many scholarships to MA, BS, and doctoral students. The rate of acceptance is 69% with no fee for admission.

HBKU Scholarship Sponsorship Coverage Package

It’s fully funded and covers fees and other expenditures. After being accepted stipends are granted to candidates.

  • QAR 5000/ US $1373 monthly for BS students
  • QAR 5000/US $1373 monthly for MA students.
  • QAR 7500/US $1922 every month for Ph.D. scholars.

Eligibility criteria of HBKU

Students without IELTS/TOEFL can take admission if they are having an alternative English language test. Secondary-level studies are important to be completed for this.


February 15, 2023, is the deadline for foreign students.


4# Newcastle University Scholarships in England for Ethiopians

It’s a well-known university with other campuses in Singapore and Malaysia. It’s 42nd in ranking. The acceptance rate is 87% with no fee for admission.

Scholarship Coverage

Fully funded

Eligibility criteria

Applicant must be foreign or native.


It’s 25 May 2023.


5# Azerbaijan Government Scholarship for Ethiopians

This institute is offering 400 scholarships to Ph.D., diploma, and MA, graduates, and undergraduate students.

Scholarship Coverage Plan

It covers monthly expenditures, traveling costs, medications, academic fees,s and so on.

Age Limit for Azerbaijan Scholarship

  • Individuals must be 25 or above 25 to apply as an undergraduate or in general medical courses.
  • He must be 30 or above to apply for graduate programs.
  • 40 or above 40 age is required for doctoral programs.


Coming soon.


6# University of Oxford Clarendon scholarships for Ethiopians

This allowance is for MA and Ph.D. scholars. The rate of acceptance is 17.5% with a fee of £75 for each course.

Scholarship value

Totally funded.

Eligibility criteria

Foreign students can apply for this program having an MA and M.Phil subjects.


It’s February 2023 from the department.


7# Plymouth University Scholarships in the UK for Ethiopians

It’s a good institute in the UK. It is providing aid to students in form of monetary assistance. It is for undergraduates and postgraduates. The rate is 85% with no admission charges.


SELT in the UK  is necessary. Visit the website for more details.

Plymouth University Scholarship Value

It includes fees, buying books, monthly expenditures, and so on.

Plymouth University Scholarship Deadline

There is no deadline, The online system is available throughout the year.


8# University of Birmingham Scholarships for Ethiopians

It’s 105th in ranking. The rate is 13.54%. The university is providing short courses and programs to avail higher studies. Applicants can apply directly to the department.

Birmingham University Scholarship Value

The fee of admission is about £50-£150 for UK natives for foreign students there is no fee.

Eligibility criteria

UK students are not eligible for this scholarship. Engineering, Arts and LLB students can apply.

Deadline 27 May 2023 is the deadline.


93 Geneva Academy Scholarships for Ethiopian Students

It provides scholarships to foreign students to pursue higher education in one year. Law, Arts students with MA degrees can apply. The rate is 73% with a fee of €150- US $140.

Scholarship Value

Fully/partially funded.

Eligibility Criteria

English proficiency is required.


April 28, 2023.

10# University of Oslo Scholarships in Norway for Ethiopians

Here the rate of acceptance is 5% and the fee is US $50. Scholarships are awarded to MA and BS students.

Benefits offered by Oslo University scholarship

Monthly scholarship for 3 years for BS and 3 years for MA.


A BS degree is required to continue the MA degree.


March 8, 2023, is the deadline.


11# Toronto University Ontario Scholarships for Ethiopians

Here the rate of acceptance is 43% and the fee is CAD $180. It is for arts, science, and humanities students.

Scholarship Coverage

Covering fees, medications, meals and so on.

Eligibility Criteria

When you send an application you will get qualified automatically. Further information is available on the website.


It’s April 13, 2023.


12# China Scholarships Without IELTS for Ethiopians

The Chinese scholarships are CAS-TWAS, CSC, and provincial; scholarships are for BS, MS, and Ph.D. scholars.

What do Chinese Scholarships Cover?

It covers pocket money, accommodation, degree expenditures, and so on.

China Scholarships Application Deadline 2023

For CSC is it March 30, 2023, and for institute sponsorship, it is June 30, 2023.



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