Great National University Military Spouse Scholarships 2023


National University Military Spouse Scholarship

35 new military spouse scholarship opportunities

Apply for our $5,000 tuition scholarship And start achieving your career goals today. 35 Military Spouse Scholarships are awarded annually. National University is a military-friendly and satisfied Yellow Ribbon school and educational institution dedicated to giving back.

We want to ensure that you and your family have access to quality education so that you can achieve your future. That’s why we’re offering 35 new military spouse scholarship opportunities:

five for each branch of service, including:

  • Army,
  • Air Force,
  • Navy,
  • Marines,
  • Space Force,
  • Coast Guard,
  • Gold Star spouses.

Scholarship recipients will receive $5,000 to pay tuition for associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s programs at NU. It can also be combined with the NU Military Spouse Tuition Rate (terms and conditions apply).

Apply today and we’ll work with you to make sure you take advantage of other worthy military tuition scholarships!

Application Reopening Fall 2023.

“As an active duty spouse and mother of three, I can tell you that going back to school has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Keeping my career in sync with my husband’s has always been a challenge. has been a challenge, and finding a program that supports this lifestyle is the most important thing you can do to prepare yourself to take the next step.

  • Tanya Bogart, Army Wife
  • Class of 2023
How works National University

The National University Military Spouse Scholarship was created to support spouses who serve their families every day by making many sacrifices on behalf of their service member’s spouse and the entire military community.

This scholarship is for you, a military spouse who may have:

Put educational and career goals on hold while your spouse is serving the country. Started a degree but did not complete the program due to military deployment or relocation. You waited to get your degree until you could do it without debt or financial stress

Application process of National University Military scholarship
Application Reopening Fall 2023.

How it works Scholarship for Military Spouses from National University

The National University Military Spouse Scholarship is a program designed to provide financial assistance to military spouses seeking higher education. It works like this:


To be eligible for the National University Military Spouse Scholarship, an applicant must be the spouse of an active duty military service member, veteran, or active duty reservist. Applicants must also meet the admissions requirements of National University, a regionally accredited university located in California.


To apply for a National University Military scholarship, an applicant must complete an online application and provide documentation of their military spouse’s status, such as a marriage certificate and service member’s military orders. Applicants must also provide transcripts of any previous college courses.


After the application is received, it is evaluated by the National University Military Committee at the National University. The committee reviews the applicant’s academic record, financial need, and personal statement.


If applicants are selected for a scholarship, they will receive a monetary award that can be used to cover the cost of tuition, textbooks, and other educational expenses. Award amounts vary based on individual financial need and availability of funds.

The scholarship is renewable for up to four years as long as the beneficiary maintains a minimum GPA and remains enrolled at the National University.


the National University Military Spouse Scholarship is a valuable resource for military spouses looking to continue their education and advance their careers. By providing financial support, the scholarship helps ease the financial burden of higher education and allows military spouses to focus on achieving their educational goals.

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