Great UNIFAST Scholarship Application 2023-2024

UNIFAST Scholarship Application 2023-2024: Eligibility, Benefits and Requirements

UNIFAST Scholarship Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year are now open to all Filipino students who meet the eligibility criteria and requirements listed below. The UNIFAST program, which stands for Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Higher Education, aims to comply with Republic Act 10931 to ensure that all eligible Filipinos have access to quality education.

This program allows qualified students to pursue higher education at State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and CHED-accredited local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) without paying tuition and other related costs. Receive a fully funded scholarship. . Additionally, students who need additional financial support can apply for short-term loans.

The primary purpose of the UniFAST Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance to Filipino students, ensure access to free education, and provide short-term loans to those in need. The UNIFAST Scholarship Program has four program categories in accordance with RA 10931.

  • Free Higher Education (FHE)
  • Free Technical Vocational Training (TVET)
  • Tertiary Education Grant (TES)
  • Short-Term Student Loan Scheme for Higher Education (SLPTE-ST)
  • Please refer to the next section for UNIFAST Scholarship requirements and application process.

Free Higher Education (FHE):

Eligibility: All Filipino students who meet the qualifications set by SUC and LUC are eligible.
Pros: Full coverage of SUC and LUC tuition and other fees.

Free Technical Vocational Training (TVET):

Eligibility: Open to all Filipino students who meet the prescribed qualifications for the Professional Education Program. Pros: Full coverage of professional education program tuition and other related costs.

Tertiary Education Grant (TES):

Eligibility: Filipino students who are eligible to benefit from the program. Perks: Financial support to cover higher education costs for eligible students.

Short-Term Student Loan Scheme for Tertiary Education (SLPTE-ST):

Eligibility: For Filipino students who require financial assistance for higher education.

Benefits: Provides eligible students with short-term loans to cover their education costs. To apply for the UNIFAST Scholarship, applicants must meet the requirements of the program they are interested in. It is important that you read the application guidelines carefully and provide all required documents and information as indicated by UNIFAST.

UNIFAST Scholarship deadline

The deadline for the 2023-2024 UniFAST Scholarships is July 28, 2023. Be sure to submit your online application by this date. Applications for the 2023-2024 scholarships are expected to open in February 2024. Please save this page for future updates.

UNIFAST Scholarship advantage

As part of Free Higher Education (FHE), students enjoy the following benefits without paying a fee:

  • Admission fee
  • sports fee
  • PC fee
  • cultural expenses
  • development cost
  • Admission fee
  • Guide fee
  • Manual charge
  • Inspection fee
  • library fee
  • Doctor/dentist fee
  • Registration fee

To apply online for the 2023 UniFAST Scholarships, please follow these steps:

Visit the CHED-UniFAST Official Online Scholarship Application Portal. Enter the required information to create an account on the portal.

  • Collect the following documents required for the application.
  • A correctly completed SLPTE-ST application form
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • His government-issued co-manufacturer ID
  • Applicant’s income tax return (if employed) or other proof of family income
  • Co-producer’s income tax return or other proof of household income
  • 1×1 photo of applicant and participant
  • Upload scans or digital copies of the required documents to our online portal. Make sure your documents are clear and legible.

Please double check that all the information and documents you have provided are accurate. Submit a complete application through our online portal. After submitting your application, wait for feedback from UniFAST on the status of your application. Communication with you will be through the contact details you provided during registration. For more information and to access the official UniFAST Scholarship Application website,let To apply please visit


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