Great isc2 scholarships Program 2023

isc2 scholarships Program – Your Pathway to Employment in the Security Industry

Are you looking for a way to start your career in the security industry? Look no further than the MSS Security Scholarship Program! This program is designed to provide an employment training pathway for new security professionals in Australia.

MSS Security Scholarship Program Overview

The MSS Security’s Scholarship Program provided over 500 training places per year to people wishing to join MSS Security, Australia’s leading provider of security services. The program is available nationwide and supports suitable candidates to complete the Certificate II CPP20218 in Security Operations or the Certificate II AVI20118 in Transportation Security Protection. Upon super completion of the certificate& participants will receive their state or territory security’s license, followed by onboarding to the MSS security team.

Benefits of MSS Security Scholarship Program

The MSS Security Scholarship Program offers a number of benefits to those looking to start a career in the security industry, including:

Employment Pathway: This program offers a clear path to employment with MSS Security, a leading security services provider in Australia.

Training Opportunities: Participants receive high-quality training to complete required certificates and obtain estate or land security licenses.

Career Advancement: Selected individuals may have the opportunity to join the MSS Security Internship Program and complete the Certificate III in Security Operations, creating a license-based competency and a culture of continuous learning and development.

How to Apply for MSS Security Scholarship Program

To apply for the MSS Security Scholarship Program, interested individuals can visit the MSS Security website and fill the scholarship application form. Applicants will be required to provide their personal details and answer a series of questions about their suitability for the programme. MSS Security will review all applications and contact suitable candidates to discuss next steps.


isc2 scholarships Program is a great opportunity for those looking to start a career in the security industry. With a clear path to employment, high-quality training, and career development opportunities, this program provides an excellent starting point for new security professionals. Apply now to take the first step towards your future in the security industry.

 Join MSS Security: Build a rewarding career in security

MSS Security is a leading security company that values ​​diversity and welcomes people from all backgrounds to pursue a career in security. If you want to secure your future with a stable and fulfilling career, look no further than MSS Security.

Explore your options: Attend an online professional information session.

MSS Security regularly hosts career information sessions online where you can learn more about the company, the security industry, and the career opportunities available. Register for a session via the MSS Safety Open Day registration form to start your journey.

Jumpstart your career with the MSS Security Scholarship Program.

If you are new to the security industry and interested in training and licensing, the dhs scholarship Program is the perfect opportunity for you. As part of the program, you can complete your training and licensing while receiving financial support.

Apply today and start your journey in dhs scholarship.

Ready to take the first step towards a rewarding security career with MSS Security? Begin by completing the online application through the links provided. Please note that if you are located in VIC or WA, you will need to download and complete the Pre-Placement Health Checklist and upload it with your application.

Join a diverse and inclusive workplace today.

At dhs scholarship, diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords. They are the core values ​​that guide the company’s culture and operations. By joining the MSS Security team, you will be part of a workplace that respects and celebrates individual differences and promotes equal opportunity for all.

Secure your future today with MSS Security.

Don’t wait any longer to build a fulfilling career in security with MSS Security. Register for an online career information session, apply for the MSS Security Scholarship Program, and join a diverse and inclusive workplace where you can grow personally and professionally.

 Interested in the MSS Scholarship Program? Learn more about this opportunity below.

Scholarship positions are available in QLD, NT, SA, ACT, NSW, VIC and WA

The MSS Scholarship Program currently offers scholarship positions in various states of Australia. However, please note that training will only be provided at specific locations within these states.

Training location preferences
Please note your training location preferences to ensure you are eligible for the program. These are the only places offered for training, so it’s important to keep this in mind when expressing your interest.

No scholarships in Tasmania.
Unfortunately, there are currently no scholarship positions in Tasmania. If you are a Tasmanian resident and interested in the program, you may need to consider moving to another state.

500 visa restrictions

Please note that the MSS Scholarship Program cannot train students on a 500 visa. If you are on a 500 visa, your scholarship application form will be rejected immediately.

Privacy Policy

All information provided on the Expression of Interest form will be collected for potential employment with MSS Security and training with Asset College. This information will be shared with relevant government departments, employment service providers, Asset College and MSS Security. You can view the privacy policy of Asseta College on its website.

Express your interest in the isc2 scholarships Program today.

If you are interested in the isc2 scholarships Program, please complete the Expression of Interest form today to learn more about this opportunity. With internship positions available in several Australian states, this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to kick-start your career in the security industry.

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