Fully Funded Scholarships in Korea for 2022-2023

                        Scholarships in South Korea for 2022-2023 Without IELTS



8 January 2022

fully funded scholarship in Korea  dear international students welcome back to full scholarships today we will discuss the fully funded scholarship in Korea it’s a Korean government scholarship and it’s in South Korea for session 202.2023 you don’t need eyelids for this particular scholarship and we will guide you through the application process

how to apply online and fill the application our premier membership also you can get this scholarship link of south Korea in you can read the scholarship is in South Korea 2022 and 2023 you can study undergraduate masters and Ph.D. pregnancy programs in this scholarship and there are a lot of programs I available this and here you can check some basic details it’s in the south Korea bachelor’s masters and Ph.D. degrees

then financial coverage is fully funded there are a lot of scholarships in South Korea and today we will discuss the Korean government scholarships so here is the Korean government scholarship listed here and we have mentioned also a list of universities where you do not need eyelids so if you apply to these universities just submit the English proficiency certificate from the previous institute that you had complete language in English

fully funded scholarship in Korea
or course in English now you have every detail here you are ready to apply just hit that apply now button here in the yellow color once you click on this appliance button it will take to the Korean run by government website here is the study in Korean website now you have every detail here and here you can see online applications or on the top, you can see online application click on this online application here once you click on this online application it will take the other page just you have these steps one two three four five


so to do these steps you have to log in Click on this login here once you click on this login it will take you to this page if you are new here for the first time just sign up and fill the details you will have this username and password once you have the username and password after signing up hit that login button

fully funded scholarship in Korea

so let’s wait for few seconds so that it can take us to the login page so we have here the now just click on this online application so we have logged in successfully click on this online application at the top if you are waiting on the phone there will be a menu and you have to click on this online application

so it might take few seconds now here you can check step one we have to choose the course for example i have chosen this university and now step two select university and major course so let me go to the online application click on this online application now select the major you can select here nursing all courses are mentioned here

fully funded scholarship in Korea

so let me choose this nursing as many students want to do the medicine as the code is in the second phase click the agree to all policies and then click OK after that step 3 fill in admission application choose nursing and then dates name just fill the first name last name and then date of birth you have to fill the details correctly as you have to match them with the passport as they will be verified

once you are selected now overseas code and say no staying in no we have nothing with that click OK and we can move next step it’s just an easy step process now so you have to read the details here you can check code in proficiency so do you have so i don’t have code in proficiency

fill the contact information

so click OK it will take us to the another answer and we will have to fill the contact information fill the postal so then home phone number now enter the email confirmation email you can add these details but are not recommended as these are not required here just fill in the basic details that are just marked red now we have to choose the stats

so we have no stats in these now fill the name of your parent then the occupation if he is an employee you can add that choose the nationality where you’re from just be true as per your passport and you have to add that details fill the birthplace where you have the residency or proof of resistance it’s just i have the passport from my country

so I’ll use that as the birth proof also you can have the other documents also now click OK and select family okay so select family member okay so you have to select family member you can select others then click OK so it should take us to the next step and we have to fill the other information that’s country that university located your academic history like where did you complete your if you’re applying for a bachelor’s

where did you complete your high school if you’re applying for master’s where did you complete that bachelor’s degree so you have to enter the basic details just let me choose any of the schools so let me say new horizon college and then you can add the contact so period of study when did you study

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