Great Adelaide Park Lands Association PhD internship scholarship 2023| in Australia

Adelaide Park Lands Association – multiple PhD internship scholarships| in Australia

Adelaide Park Lands Association and Adelaide Graduate Research School collaborate to offer internships for PhD students

The Adelaide Park Lands Association and the Adelaide Graduate Research School (AGRS) have partnered to provide two internship opportunities for PhD students at the University of Adelaide. Internships aim to contribute to projects that increase public awareness of the essential green space that is Adelaide Park Lands.

The Adelaide Park lands Association is a not-for-profit community organization that was formed in 1987 to protect and preserve the world’s only National Heritage Park lands surrounding the city of Adelaide. The Park Lands have been a temptation for the Municipal and State Governments to invade and loot, with buildings, fences and bitumen. Consequently, the park has been reduced from 930 hectares to about 700 hectares. In the 21st century, losses have become more frequent, with large buildings continuing to occupy sites that were once open green public lands.

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Two Research Industry Internships provide opportunities for doctoral students to conduct research in social sciences, history, sociology, politics, media, video production, creative writing, environment, sustainability, climate change industries and urban futures.

The successful applicant will perform a minimum and least of 60 FTE business days of research and development with the organization. Eligible students will receive support from AGRS in the form of Research Internship Grant (for 60 working days at standard RTP rate).

Adelaide Project opportunities

For students interested in local history, heritage, social geography, cartography or similar fields, there is an opportunity to help the organization accurately identify the loss of a selected section of Adelaide Park lands over time. Its purpose is to conduct and document investigations to stay alert to current threats, as well as to be aware of losses that have already occurred. This information will be used for public campaigns and rallies whenever specific parts of the park lands are threatened.

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For students interested in media production, there is an opportunity for R&D on new and innovative methods of promotion, including through social media. The aim is to co-produce an acclaimed video documentary that puts the Adelaide Parklands in a global context. The purpose of the video documentary is to raise public awareness to garner support for the Parklands and the Association’s work, including promoting the biennial Adelaide Parklands Art Awards.

Anticipated Research Findings

Selected students will be involved in solving a real-world problem that requires a real solution. They will help the organization launch critical research activities to support its mainstream activities of Explore, Inspire, Protect and Restore.

In addition, they will gain professional experience in the industry. Successful candidate their supervisors &the Adelaide Parkland Association will have an chance to discuss the nature of research & development activities and post-selection work arrangements.

In short, these internships provide a valuable opportunity for PhD students to engage in real-world problem solving while gaining professional industry experience. These internships will also contribute to the preservation and conservation of the essential green space that is Adelaide Parklands.

PhD Research Internship Eligibility and Application Process at University of Adelaide

Are you a PhD student looking for an opportunity to gain practical research experience? The University of Adelaide offers research internships for eligible PhD students within the first 18 months of their candidature. To be considered, you must be willing to undertake a minimum of 60 full-time equivalent (FTE) business days and be making satisfactory progress in research aligned with the proposed research internship project.

To apply for the Adelaide Park Lands Internship, please email the HDR Internships Team at with the following documents:


  • Cover Letter (up to 2 pages) highlighting your interest in the internship and how your research area aligns with the
  • proposed field of research internship.
  • Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to enhance your research skills and gain valuable experience. Visit the
  • University of Adelaide’s Research Internships webpage for more information.
  • University of Adelaide PhD Scholarship 2023 for International and Australian Students

The University of Adelaide is offering PhD scholarships for both domestic and international students to pursue postgraduate research in various faculties. The scholarship is open for applications now and will close on May 31, 2023.

Successful candidates will receive the University of Adelaide RTP Stipend rate on a pro-rata basis for 60 full-time equivalent (FTE) business days. The scholarship is available for a duration of 60 FTE business days, and is open to commencing and current students who meet the eligibility criteria.

This PhD scholarship is available in two faculties: the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics (ABLE), and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The scholarship is also open to students with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and international students.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, New Zealand citizens, permanent humanitarian visa holders, or international students. Applicants must also meet the specific eligibility criteria set out by the relevant faculty.

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for postgraduate students to advance their research and academic careers at one of Australia’s leading universities. Interested applicants should apply before the application deadline and ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria for their chosen faculty.

In summary, the University of Adelaide PhD Scholarship 2023 is an excellent opportunity for domestic and international students to pursue postgraduate research in two faculties. With the application period open now, eligible candidates should apply before the May 31, 2023 deadline.


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