3 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs of 2022

3 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs of 2022



3 january 2022

we all want to know what are the best affiliate programs to join today how can i make the most money with affiliate marketing with the least amount of clicks well I’m probably the best one to go to for this because I’ve seen both sides

I’m an affiliate manager that turned into a seven-figure affiliate blogger in my working career i managed a large tech company’s affiliate program managing over four thousand affiliates and today my blog makes over eighty thousand dollars a month just from affiliate marketing and I’m in over 300 affiliate programs so needless to say i know which programs are good and which simply aren’t based on real data so in this I’m going to show you exactly what to look for in the best affiliate programs and give you

my top 13 picks for the best affiliate programs to join this year across multiple niches but before we get started i want to invite you to watch my free master class on how to start a profitable blogging business this master class gives you my exact content link building and affiliate marketing strategies to grow a massively profitable blog in months not years and teaches you the exact strategies that i use to make over a hundred and forty thousand dollars a month from my blog with all kinds of different revenue streams so all you have to do is click

so before i get into my top 13 picks for the best affiliate programs first we have to think about what are we actually looking for in these programs first of all we have to look at the commission rate that’s basically the percentage of the money you’re making for the sale the commission rate is dictated by the individual brand so for example in software you might make something like a 20 or 30 recurring commission every single month as long as the customer remains

A customer whereas in e-commerce if you’re selling like fitness equipment or an affiliate for home furniture or something like that you might get a five to ten percent one-time commission so really the commission rate is how much of the cut you’re making you’re like a sales person online making sales for these brands so first we need to look at the commission rate second we look at the cookie duration so when somebody clicks on an affiliate link a cookie is actually stored in their computer on their the browser and they don’t have to make a purchase right away for you to get credit for a sale they could make a purchase 30 days 60 days or sometimes like 90 or even 180 days after they click your affiliate link and typically as long as you’re the last affiliate the last affiliate link click that they clicked on you’ll get credit for that sale so combining commission rates and cookie duration also with the you know value of the product or the price will ultimately get you your commission rate and how much money you’re actually making with affiliate marketing however the biggest unknown


factor is something that’s actually completely out of your control and that is the conversion rate so as an affiliate you send brands these clicks but do they convert do they actually become customers and buy these products that’s something that’s a little bit out of your hand so another huge factor is the conversion rate of the company that you’re promoting that would actually be i think the most important factor so with these 13 affiliate programs that I’m going to be covering today have good conversion rates because they have good brand recognition and they get a lot of people to convert into customers so between commission rate cookie duration and conversion rate these are the top 13 affiliate programs that i like to use in 2022. all right first


on my list is thinkific let’s take a look at their site thinkific is an online course platform that basically helps course creators create and sell their online courses they’re great they have a great affiliate program because it is typically a 30 recurring commission they are located in partner stack i mean if i look at my partner stack dashboard for thinkific over the last 30 days I’ve made them 72 thousand dollars and I’ve made27 000 just in the last month with thinkific that is substantial but that’s growing recurring revenue that’s because I’m getting paid commissions every month from thinkific it’s not necessarily 27 000 in new customers but it’s recurring customers that have grown over the last two years so they have a great affiliate program a great affiliate manager a great affiliate team and they’re located in the partner stack and I recommend them as my top pick for the best affiliate program number two


on my the list is Bluehost we all know how popular Bluehost is with bloggers teaching people how to you know start a blog with web hosting and choose Bluehost as the the best option they’re I think they’re the most popular web hosting affiliate program because of their competitive commission rates and also just because of their brand recognition everybody knows who Bluehost is they convert really well and they have helpful affiliate managers when you see their affiliate page here and you can choose to join their affiliate team when you first join the program you’ll earn 65 for each hosting purchase so it’s a one-time 65 that goes all the way up to 125 130 depending on your sales number so if the more sales you get the higher your commission rate gets they have a self-hosted program so you log in and you can view all your metrics in their individual dashboard and it’s a really easy affiliate program to join if you’re recommending blogging web hosting and starting a website third


on my list is wix is the most popular i would say website builder out there and they have a good affiliate program as well so you can promote the world’s leading web publishing platform so much like you can recommend wordpress stuff with bluehost you can also recommend wix as a website builder they’re really good because they’re really aggressive with their affiliate the program they have affiliate managers that will pay you hundreds of dollars to bring in a wix customer they have an e-commerce platform component they have a website builder and they’ll pay you differently based on what you’re promoting but they could pay you 300 500 700 uh per sale based on your sales volume so if you’re an affiliate they can bring in good sales for wix they will pay you really well and they have really good brand recognition and they’re one of the best affiliate programs

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