Turkey Scholarships Without IELTS in 2022 – Study Without IELTS in Turkey

The list of all fully-funded Scholarships in Turkey while not IELTS for the batch of 2022-2023 square measure out there for international students.
Turkey could be a renowned instructional destination for college kids from all round the world. For international students, there square measure varied Turkish Scholarships while not IELTS 2022. As a result, pupils shouldn’t fret regarding the high tuition expenses or the IELTS communicating needs.

What do Turkish Scholarships Pay?

The answer to the present million-dollar question for college kids is broad; that in the main depends on the kind of Turkish Scholarship program they’re applying to. Therefore, the subsequent listed funding advantages will be entitled fully or keen on the winning applicants;
• Permitted Studies in Turkey or Reduced fees to some level
• Completely or part sponsored by Turkish University accommodation
• Health and insurance package for college kids
• Airfare; in some Turkish scholarships is paid (Conditional)
• Turkish Study VISA help and funding (Conditional)
• Entrée to Turkish legacy sites, libraries, and session subsidy

English Language requirement for Turkey Scholarships:

The standard of teaching in Turkish Universities is English and Turkish lingoes. Therefore, candidates interested to require admissions in English-taught programs square measure needed by Turkish Authorities to produce proof of West Germanic language proficiency. Therefore, IELTS is most generally accepted however if it’s not out there then IELTS various tests like PTE, Duolingo, Cambridge tests, CanTEST, TOEFL, etc might also be accepted.
Henceforth, international students from non-native English-speaking countries will still apply for admission to Turkey while not the IELTS communicating.
Thousands of Turkish Scholarships square measure out there to international students following Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees. There square measure 9 Turkish universities that square measure among the world’s prime. As a result, you’ll anticipate top-notch education in Turkey. this text discusses a number of the best scholarships in Turkey that don’t need IELTS.

List of Turkish Scholarships without IELTS in 2022

Here is that the list of Scholarships in Turkey out there to international students throughout 2022;

#1 Turkey Burslari and Success Scholarship in Turkey

Turkey Burslari Scholarship is one among the foremost prestigious merit-based scholarships offered by the Turkish government. though IELTS or TOEFL scores aren’t needed, students should take a Turkish language course for a year as another.
It is a fully-funded scholarship for finding out at any Turkish university, similarly as free travel, insurance, lodging, and cultural and social activities and courses. additionally, you may get a monthly regular payment of one,000-1,800 Turkish liras. This grant is receptive college man, master’s, and degree students. you are doing not have to be compelled to take any entrance exams or YOS exams to be eligible for the Turkey Government scholarship.
Deadline: Dec 2022

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#2 uskudar university scholarship

The programs offered within the Turkish language need a year’s Turkish language course to enhance the proficiency of international students in Turkish. However, if the coed needs to require a program supported English people language, he or she should submit West Germanic language proficiency take a look at scores. As another, you’ll take the customized West Germanic language take a look at offered by the university. if you continue to cannot pass the take a look at, you have got to require one year’s West Germanic language preparation course.
Hence, IELTS isn’t obligatory. The college man students square measure eligible for University Entrance Scholarship that offers one,000 Turkish Liras per month to the highest one,000 students. the university additionally has scholarships in art, science, and cultural influential person together with special scholarships for disabled individuals. The ‘Deprivation Scholarship’ offers assistance to need-worthy students or students whose oldsters have passed on to the great beyond as.
Deadline: August 2022


#3 medipol university scholarship

Turkish is that the university’s primary medium of instruction. To be listed in such programs, you need to 1st complete a annual propaedeutic Turkish language course. However, there square measure English-language programs out there for overseas students. It doesn’t need IELTS. PTE scores are acceptable. The university, on the opposite hand, administers its own West Germanic language competency take a look at.
If you are doing not deliver the goods a score of a minimum of seventy fifth on the take a look at, you need to register during a annual West Germanic language course at the establishment. The university additionally provides need-based money facilitate, with up to five hundredth of the schooling fee waived. Students from selected countries are eligible for a 15 August 1945 tuition fee reduction through the special country scholarship to students of hand-picked countries like West Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. students also can have further discounts supported their Sabbatum scores.
Deadline: Sept 2022.

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#4 bilkent university undergraduate programs

If you don’t need to submit associate degree IELTS score, you’ll be able to take the university-personalized PAE West Germanic language proficiency communicating at the bilkent university mba. however, if you’re unable to qualify you to possess another various of taking English people language propaedeutic course offered by the university upon conditional admission. There are Turkish language-based courses that you simply have to be compelled to take a Turkish language propaedeutic course for.
Bilkent University offers several scholarships. Students United Nations agency apply for assistance square measure assessed supported their highschool grades, national and/or international communicating scores, and alternative factors. Tuition waivers starting from 2 hundredth to 100 percent square measure granted to students, similarly as accommodation subsidies. advantage scholarships are given out looking on the end-of-year communicating results.
Deadlinetwenty two could 2022.

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#5 koc university masters programs

English ability tests, like TOEFL or IELTS, aren’t required for admission. On the opposite hand, you ought to give one among the eligible international university admission tests (SAT I, SAT II, ACT). IELTS isn’t acceptable as another you’ll be able to submit Sabbatum scores, or take the propaedeutic course at university to enhance your West Germanic language skills.
Each year, koç university undergraduate programs provides merit-based tuition scholarships value twenty fifth, 50%, 75%, or 100 percent to worth students. there’s no separate application amount or form for the scholarship. For college man students, there’s additionally a need-based scholarship program. The relevant school awards 100 percent merit-based scholarships to any or all admitted Master with Thesis students.
Deadline: August 2022 for the autumn semester.

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#6 Anadolu University Scholarships

You do not have to be compelled to submit your IELTS score obligatorily. Rather, you’ll take admission on the idea of your Sat score. On the opposite hand, you’ve got to require a year’s Turkish language preceding course for Turkish language-based programs. This Turkish university offers need-based grants to students moreover. whereas the ‘Anatolian Scholarship’ offers tuition twenty to 100% fee waivers to students on the idea of their end-of-the-year university communicating results.
DeadlineGregorian calendar month 2022.

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#7 Altinbas University Scholarships

Altinbas University provides an alternate to the take a look at scores that’s the ‘English Language preparatory’ communicating. Hence, IELTS isn’t required for admission or scholarship. collegian students square measure given scholarship ‘undergraduate scholarship admission’ if {they square measure| they’re} listed in courses that are selected as no-tuition fee programs.
There is additionally a Turkish merit-based scholarship program that’s renewable each year even once admission on the idea of standard. Best students WHO have earned nice tutorial accomplishments in their specific collegian School/Vocational faculties square measure granted ‘Honors Grants’ for consecutive school year at the top of every school year, ensuing the inference of the English training package.
Deadline: there’s no properly set point in time for the altinbas university rank; applications square measure accepted throughout the year.

#8 Maltepe University Scholarships

Maltepe university wants neither to just accept IELTS, you’ll submit your annual high school English communicating result. There’s additionally an alternate to require AN initial West Germanic language educatory course to boost your proficiency within the West Germanic language. whereas no such course is required for Turkish language-based tests.
The university additionally genuinely invests in scholarship programs. OSYM Scholarship and Discount embrace students WHO square measure placed and registered in programs marked as 100% Scholarship, five hundredth Discount, or twenty fifth Discount within the pedagogy Programs and Quotas Guide.
There also are full scholarships offered to national and international athletes. Students in our university’s associate/undergraduate programs WHO score within the prime 3 in their category receive seventy fifth, 50%, and twenty fifth (respectively) Success Scholarships supported their performance within the end-of-the-year university exams.
Deadline: Open all year.

#9 Yasar University Scholarships

Yasar university provides an alternate option to students that makes the Language proficiency test-optional. candidates WHO square measure incapable to submit West Germanic language ability scores will participate within the within the English Preparation School’s annual intensive West Germanic language preceding Program. This year of preparation isn’t counted against the variety of years of study necessary to graduate.
If students pass the university’s English Proficiency communicating, they’ll be accepted straight to their applied primary course of study. The establishment additionally offers a spread of discounts and scholarships. a tenth discount is on the market to students applying from partner establishments (global or humanist partners). Students with a robust tutorial record also are eligible for International workplace Scholarships, that grant a fan of full fee exemptions.
If you retain a decent diary within the university exams each year you’ll additionally get tuition waivers for consecutive school year.
Deadline: Gregorian calendar month 2022.

#10 port university of political economy

Izmir university offers relaxation to students that they are doing not have to be compelled to submit IELTS scores for port University. as an alternate and compulsion, you’ve got to submit your Sat scores for admission. there’s additionally a option to take the university’s West Germanic language take a look at.
The university additionally features a variety of scholarship opportunities. International Student Scholarships square measure awarded to international students WHO need to check in collegian programs and square measure supported country-specific quotas. The International Student Scholarship (100%) pays for the complete year’s tuition.
Additionally, students with a yearly score average of three.50 or higher square measure eligible for a fifty% tuition fee discount if they complete the conditions. Scholarships supported athletic ability also are offered at the university.
Deadline: August 2022.

#11 city Kultur University Scholarships

You can currently get admission to city kultur university while not having to require IELTS or TOEFL test if you’ve got received your previous education in English. There’s conjointly associate degree West Germanic proficiency take a look at command by the university itself. whereas in some courses proficiency isn’t needed in the least, like for programs offered within the Turkish language.
However, candidates can have to be compelled to take the Turkish language course in this case. The university conjointly provides merit-based scholarships to worth students. collegian students will get tuition fee discounts from twenty five to one hundred pc supported their Sat scores.
There also are tuition fee waivers on the premise of the highschool results that provide associate degree exemption of seventy five p.c tuition fee. Graduate students even have scholarship opportunities on the premise of their CGPA that offers twenty five to seventy five p.c discount.
Deadline: Oct thirty one, 2022.

#12 The University of Biruni Scholarships

Students will submit TOEFL or PTE scores to the University of Biruni, however, people who ar unable to submit the Institutional Exemption take a look at should recruit within the English preparative Program at Biruni University before commencing their tutorial courses. This doesn’t count within the years of studies, however. Biruni University offers a range of scholarship programs to its students. The benefit prize given to incoming students at the establishment is associate degree example.
Applicants should have outstanding highschool or faculty grades to be thought of for this scholarship. The benefit grant is obtainable to students applying to master’s and student programs World Health Organization have outstanding collegian and master’s transcripts, severally. Existing overseas students may apply for a ‘Turkish Scholarship,’ that covers tuition and housing prices.
Deadline: Open for currently.

#13 Atlim University Scholarships

Atlim university provides a entryway to students World Health Organization notice IELTS harder. As an alternate, students could submit PTE or TOEFL/CAE/CPE scores as proof of West Germanic proficiency. Otherwise, students ought to take associate degree West Germanic preparative course. Students World Health Organization apply for scholarships should transfer the desired documents to the system. The scholarship instruction appraises the submissions as a compendium.
SAT, GMAT, GRE results, transcript, etc. ar taken into thought throughout the analysis method which can conjointly embrace letters of appreciation, honors, and awards. There ar varied alternative grants provided on a merit-based(need-blind). The workplace of monetary aid reviews applications on a requirement base(merit-blind).
Deadline: Gregorian calendar month twenty two, 2022.

#14 Yaditepe University Scholarships

In order to start their studies within the program, students should gift documentation of their English ability. IELTS, on the opposite hand, isn’t needed. you need to have a minimum score of 550 on the Sat English part or a TOEFL score of seventy nine.
In addition, Yeditepe University offers a remote Language Proficiency test. Students World Health Organization have a lower score should recruit in associate degree West Germanic preparation course for a amount of your time. in step with the YKS Guide, the exchequer given to students positioned during a full scholarship program covers the complete tuition fee, the fellowship given to students placed during a five hundredth scholarship fund covers half the schooling fee, and also the fellowship obtainable to students placed in twenty fifth, covers 1 / 4 of the schooling fee.
500 metallic element is awarded for a 9-month term throughout lycee and faculty education to the highest a hundred students placed into a program supported deciliter results. whereas taking university examinations earns you a tuition value remission of twenty fifth, 50%, or 75%.
Deadline: Gregorian calendar month 2022.

#15 ISIK University Scholarships

IELTS isn’t a compulsion so as to use to ISIK university. you will submit TOEFL scores too. additionally, you’ll be able to conjointly apply if you’ve got a minimum of 500-550 in Sat English section. For Turkish language-based courses, students don’t have to be compelled to submit West Germanic proficiency scores. Instead, they need to earn proficiency within the Turkish language with a annual Turkish language course.
ISIK university includes a range of merit-based scholarships for international students that gibe tuition fee waivers from twenty to one hundred pc. If you score well within the university test you’re given the schooling fee scholarship supported your marks for the subsequent year.
Deadline: August 2022 for the autumn semester.


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