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ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship overview

This scholarship is intended to support students studying Computer Science, Information Systems, Cybersecurity, or Accounting who attend colleges in Idaho or reside in Idaho and attend colleges elsewhere in the United States.

With more than 200 of her chapters in more than 80 countries, ISACA is a global organization that offers members in the Boise metropolitan area a variety of benefits including education, resource sharing, advocacy and professional networking.

The local ISACA Boise chapter is made up of approximately 145 professionals in a variety of IT roles, including information auditors, consultants, educators, security professionals, and internal auditors. Members use her ISACA to improve their skills, expand their expertise and connect with like-minded people.

Boise State University is the institution offering this scholarship. To be eligible, applicants must be full-time students and demonstrate a serious desire to pursue further education or training in computer science, information systems, cybersecurity, or accounting. You must reside in Idaho, attend an accredited college or university in Idaho, or be an Idaho resident and attend an accredited college or university elsewhere in the United States.

Scholarship selection will consider the quality and completeness of the application and required supporting documentation, as well as individual achievements as evidenced through participation in external interests and activities, leadership roles, and work experience. Grade averages and academic degrees are considered, but not the only determining factors.

ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship advantage United States

The ISACA Boise Chapter is pleased to announce that next year he will be able to offer a $1,000 scholarship. This scholarship is a testament to our commitment to supporting and encouraging students in their pursuit of excellence in information systems and cybersecurity.

We recognize the importance of education and want to help worthy people achieve their educational goals. This scholarship is awarded to deserving students who have demonstrated excellent academic performance, passion for this subject and contribution to the growth of the industry. We are proud to offer this opportunity and look forward to making a positive impact on the academics of our recipients.

ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship deadline

February 24, 2024

Method of writting application ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship

your name]
[your address]
[city, state, zip code]
[email address]
[telephone number]

ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship Committee
[Address of ISACA Boise Chapter]
[city, state, zip code]

Members of the Scholarship Committee

I am writing to apply for an ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship to support my education at Boise State University. I recently enrolled in the [program name] program at my university and would like to pursue my academic and professional goals in my field of [major].

I am impressed with the extraordinary work ISACA has done in promoting and advancing the field of information systems auditing, management and security. As an up-and-coming professional in the field, we strongly believe that receiving an ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship will not only provide financial support, but also valuable networking opportunities and interaction with industry leaders.

I would like to introduce myself and highlight my eligibility for this scholarship. I have always been passionate about technology and its impact on business processes. Because of this interest, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in [related subjects] at [previous educational institution]. During his undergraduate years, he excelled in classes, consistently performed well, and demonstrated a deep understanding of his subject matter.

Throughout my studies, I actively sought opportunities to gain practical experience and improve my skills. I completed an internship at a reputable organization, gaining hands-on experience in conducting risk assessments, analyzing control frameworks, and developing information security policies. These experiences have further strengthened my passion for information systems auditing and security and have motivated me to continue my studies in this field.

I chose to pursue my master’s degree at Boise State University because of its good reputation in the [program name] program. The program’s comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and focus on practice are perfectly aligned with my career aspirations. However, as a graduate student I face greater financial responsibilities and receiving an ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship will significantly reduce my financial burden so that I can focus on my studies and professional development.

In addition, we are committed to giving back to the community and contributing to the field of information systems auditing and security. After receiving this scholarship, I intend to actively participate in the ISACA Boise chapter, participate in events, volunteer, and share my knowledge and experience with other students and professionals.

Attached to this application form are the completed application form, education certificate, resume, letter of recommendation, and other required documents. I believe that my academic achievements, work experience, and dedication to the field make me a suitable candidate for the ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship.

Thank you for considering my application. I sincerely hope that you will understand my potential and passion for information systems auditing and security and will be given the opportunity to pursue my goals with the support of an ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship.

I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the ISACA community and make a positive impact in this area.
For more information or questions, feel free to contact us. You can contact me at [phone number] or email at [email address].
Thank you for your time and consideration.


[your name]


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