Graduate Research Scholarships 2024 at the University of Melbourne | Australia

 Graduate Research Scholarships 2024

The University of Melbourne offers postgraduate research grants to outstanding students undertaking postgraduate research. These scholarships provide both Australian/domestic and international students with financial support and tuition waivers in all areas of study. About 600 scholarships have been awarded, waiving her 100% of her tuition fees, totaling up to US$110,000. The best part is that you will automatically be considered for these scholarships without having to submit a separate application.


Graduate Research Scholarships 2024 benefits

Simplified benefits include:

Scholarships and Tuition Compensation Scholarships:

Full payment of tuition fees for up to 2 years (for master’s degree \master of accounting australia) or 4 years (for doctoral degree). $34,400 annual living allowance (adjusted working full-time studying part-time) for up to 2 years (Master’s program \master of accounting australia) or 3.5 years (PhD student). This includes limited paid leave for sickness, maternity and child care.

Students moving from outside Victoria will receive a relocation grant of $2,000 for her and students coming from outside Australia will receive a $3,000 relocation grant. Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) Individual Membership for international students who require a student visa to study in Australia.

Fee Compensation Scholarship:

Full payment of tuition fees for up to 2 years (research-based master’s program) or 4 years (doctoral program)

Graduate Research Scholarships 2024 deadline

To be eligible for a scholarship, you must submit your postgraduate study application to the University of Melbourne by the specified application deadline for your desired degree programme. The application deadline for the Melbourne Postgraduate Scholarships is 31 October 2023.

Sample Application for Postgraduate Research Scholarships 2024 at the University of Melbourne, Australia

your name]
[your address]
[City (*) State (*) Zip Code]
[email address]
[telephone number]

Graduate School Research Grant Committee
University of Melbourne
Parkville, Victoria 3010

Dear Graduate Research Scholarships Committee,

Subject: 2024 Graduate Scholarship Application Form

I am writing to submit my application for her 2024 Graduate Research Fellowship at the University of Melbourne. After careful consideration of the eligibility criteria and requirements of the scholarship programme, I am pleased that you are interested in continuing your postgraduate studies at your esteemed institution, the University of Melbourne.

[6/16, 2:52 PM] ❤️❤️❤️: I am a highly motivated and driven individual with a great passion for research in [please mention your area of interest or the specific program you are applying for]. I earned a [Bachelor’s degree or related education] from [University name] with [reference to academic achievement, awards, or GPA]. Throughout my studies, I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a genuine curiosity to explore new ideas.

The University of Melbourne’s reputation as a world-class institution with a rich research culture is a profound reflection of my academic ambitions. I am particularly attracted to universities [referring to specific research centers, institutions, or prestigious departments] that match my research interests.

I strongly believe that the opportunity to study at the University of Melbourne will provide me with the resources, guidance and collaborative environment I need to excel in my chosen field.

In addition to my academic background, I have gained practical research experience through [mention relevant research project, internship, or work experience]. These experiences have given me important skills such as listing related skills. data analysis, experimental techniques, critical thinking, etc.] and further cemented my commitment to a research career.

I am applying for graduate research grants so that I can concentrate on my research without financial constraints. Scholarship support not only eases my financial burden, but also allows me to actively participate in academic research activities, attend conferences, and contribute to the university community. This application encloses all the necessary documents as per the application requirements, such as:

I have completed the scholarship application form. A letter of intent (maximum 500 words) outlining my research interests, academic goals, and how the fellowship will support my goals

. Curriculum Vitae (CV) summarizing my academic background, research experience and relevant skills. Official references and certificates from previous educational institutions.

A letter of recommendation from a [insert number of characters] reviewer confirming my academic ability and research potential. Additional supporting documentation as needed. I am very honored to be considered for a University of Melbourne Postgraduate Research Fellowship. I strongly believe that my dedication, passion, and commitment to academic excellence make me the right person for this prestigious opportunity.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the research community at the University of Melbourne and make a significant impact in my field. If you need further information or documentation, feel free to contact us.

[your name]

check university of melbourne entry requirements

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